Telvo Wildeye


With wild red hair and beard and a cigar clenched in his teeth, Telvo Wildeye is a bit unusual-looking for a dwarf. He wears large goggles with strange dials on the sides, carries a weapon that only slightly resembles a crossbow, an oversized wrench, and wears a unique mix of clothing and armor, consisting mostly of thick leather and metal scales. His heavy boots are also iron clad, and the heels look to be solid metal. On his bag is an impossibly large pack, with a small ale keg swinging from the side, and all manner of metal bits and doodads poking out of the pockets.


Telvo Wildeye is a He builds things. Crazy things. Most of them work, although maybe not always perfectly. Devices, weapons, particularly things that go boom (sometimes intentionally, sometimes not). He ends up collecting a lot of junk that he uses for his profession, so he ends up being a bit of a hoarder/packhorse. His hobby earned him a mix of respect, fear, and sheer awe from his mountain clan, although he rarely cared about their opinions. After a particularly explosive event, his clan “asked” him to move his workshop somewhere else. Far away. Preferably on the other side of the world. So, Telvo hit the road, carrying his workshop in a massive pack on his back, with nothing but his hand cannon, wrench, tools, junkyard, tobacco, keg of ale, full wallet… well, he’s actually got a lot of stuff. Mostly junk. He’s off to see the world, to find inspiration for new things to make, meet some new people, and maybe blow some stuff up. He’s not too picky. Telvo just likes having a good time. He loves fighting, and is a whole lot smarter than he looks.

Telvo Wildeye

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