Stuff Orin Says

Dworvan says “The horses like me, i’ll get em goin”
Orin says “cause they recognize the smell as one of their own”
Orin says “should we all look away while you pilfer the dead or would you like to share what you’ve found?”
Orin gives Torin the once over “can you swing that lute at a goblins head?”"
Torin holds up a quiver. “No, but these arrows can pierce their eyes pretty well.”
Orin says “Archer as well as parrot huh? cannon fodd…I mean the more the merrier”
Kairon bangs on the door, much louder than before.
The door opens slowly
Orin says "that probably means please come in, I just put on tea "
Reidoth turns into a squirrel and scampers out the window
Orin says “Reidoth is it ok if we use your ‘place’ to stay when it gets dark….aaand I’m talking to a squirrel”
[DM] says: who wants to explain? No, there is too much. Who wants to sum up?
[Dethrin] says: We killed some spooders
[Orin] says: and shrubbery!
Randall says “Mayhaps he heard a funny joke just now?”
Orin says “oh i’ve got a joke for him, what’s big and dumb and full of arrows”
Orin says “you do know what a dragon is right? They’re not exactly heeders”
Orin pulls out a plate of eggs and bacon……in his mind, which is actually some beef jerky and a sip of water
After a full day of trekking, you start to look for a place to camp for the night, and spot a bit of smoke rising into the air over the next hill. It looks like a campfire
Torin says “Friends on the horizon!”
Orin says “you know goblins have campfires too right?”
Torin says “Who says goblins can’t be friends?”
Orin says “Their bugbear slave drivers.”
Kairon says “Want me to headbutt it?”
Carric says “It will need some persuasion”
Orin says “A headbutt does sound like persausion”
Orin says “maybe you should sit this one out sorcerer, and possibly rethink the battering ram move”
As you enter the room, a strange shape rises from the floor
Mormesk says “Who dares disturb Mormesk the Mage?”
Kairon grunts at Orin, rising to his knees.
Orin whispers “but just in case, have all your fire ready”
Torin says “Anyone interested in a staff? Not my type of thing”
Orin says “I like my staffs like i like my marrionette shows, with strings on them”
Qelline says “My husband was a rogue, adept with his fingers in other ways than twiddly”
Orin snorts ale out his nose.
Qelline glares at Orin. “He picked locks faster than using a key.”
Orin whispers to Carric “you know what the oven said to the teapot? I’m a range……then he said something about attack but it doesn’t fit the joke, anyway aren’t you glad we’re not all covered in blood like the rest of them?”
Orin fires the arrow into the knee of the bandit in case they need to know where they took the device.
Orin gets his arrow back, knowing that lawful good isn’t always lawful nice.
Orin whispers “I think this is the mess hall. It sounds like a lot of people having dinner”
Orin whispers “shall we crash the party?”
Orin kicks open the door, an arrow pulled back, “who’s ready for dessert?”
Orin yells “SO HAVE ARROWS”
Orin hits Cultist with Longbow (150/600) for 10 damage (d8+4 piercing).
Cultist drops.
Orin grabs a plate and carves off a piece of boar .
Orin looks at everyone looking at him in disgust “we eat rations around dead people all the time, at least now it’s tasty”
Orin hits Cultist with Longbow (150/600) for 7 damage (d8+4 piercing).
Cultist drops.
Orin blows the smoke off the tip of his arrow before putting it back in his quiver
Orin looks at the bookshelf while Audubon looks through the desk. The bookshelf contains many books about farming
Orin says “does this seem like a farming cult? they sure seem to have a lot of books on the subject”
Orin sets the book back on the shelf, not caring much about seasonal beans. “hey wait a second look at that, the chair has blood all over it. I didn’t shoot him in the chair, and there’s some on the window sill too”
Orin examines the blood on the window
Orin says “guess they’re more concerened with the farming than basic cleanliness this blood is quite old”
Orin looks closer at the chair, “hmmm old blood here it looks like too. that’s very unsanitary”
Orin takes one more look at the chair before walking away “They need a cultist maid”
Orin Starts trying to use the first key he comes to
Orin uses the next key on the ring, then the next, then the next, then the next, “ok really?” he continues through 25 more keys before he turns the lock with a soft click and the door swings open
Rewis says “Thanks!”
Orin does a small flourish and smiles sheepishly at Halla before bowing
Audubon eyes the newcomer, then turns his glances sidelong at his companions.
Orin looks at Audubon as he glances at him “if you were gonna get suspicious you could have done that more than half a ring of keys ago ya know?”
As you open the door, the scent of death and rot assaults your nostrils. The small cell has a tiny cage suspended in the middle, with the remains of a body locked within. Congealed blood drips down the cage and into a small drain in the floor.
Orin closes the door quickly “not that way”
As you enter they see you and hiss loudly, preparing to spring
Orin says “so no sneaking…”
Kairon says “Well, if Gundren needs help, I’ll come along with you.”
Orin says “OK, but I’m definitely going to need more fire-resistant clothing, then”
Orin says “one of our horse had all it’s hair burned off, looks kind of like a small shaved bear”
Kairon says “Now that I take no responsibility for.”
Orin slaps Halla bear on the rump “no offense”
Orin says "these guys come from a small town of nightvale, they used to work as the cloaked strangers but found better work as secret police "
Orin says “wait scratch that, it was something else”
Orin tastes a bit of dirt near the campsite
Orin says “they’ve been here a while, almost like they were waiting for someone to come through here, but this road is well traveled so it doesn’t seem like they were waiting on just anyone”
Bran says “So they were waiting for us? These could be the ones causing all the problems”
Orin says “that’s a good guess, it definitely seems like they were waiting for someone and since they chose us to attack i can only assume they were waiting for us, if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go behind that tree for a minute or fifteen now”
Shoalar peers suspiciously at Kairon. “Couldn’t rightly say, I took ‘em in trade. You sure you’re scholars. You don’t quite look smart enough…”
Orin leans over Kairon’s shoulder and whispers loudly “hear that Kairon, the gentleman doesn’t think you are a scholar”
Bran says “Mara, this book merchant doesn’t think you’re smart.”
Orin claps Kairon on the shoulder “Bran’s right he clearly thought Mara was the not smart one, my mistake.”
Mara pops up on her tip toes behind the rest of the group and glares down the men on the boat, not sure which one insulted her. “Don’t make me sink your boat.”
Kairon glances at Orin. “I’ll assume that means I look plenty smart enough.”
Orin says “You look the smartest, the boat sinker back there though, she’s not too bright”
Kairon whispers to Orin. “She’s just a kid, she’ll brighten up eventually.”
Mara Glares at Orin, and pokes him in the leg with the tip of her dagger. “I’m not afraid to send you down with them.”
Orin pats Kairon once more on the back before taking a step back “ok just getting out of the line of fire, good luck”
Orin Looks at Mara “they said it, not me I know you’re the brains of this operation”
Orin says “See, you’re the brains, Harmony’s the muscle, Kairon handles the books and Bran makes sure we wipe our feet before entering someone’s home. I just drive the wagon”
Mara says “Are we done here?”
Orin says “you know we never leave without Halla doing some jumping jacks first”
Halla adjust her staff slightly, and loosens her pack.
[Halla] says: uh what?
[Orin] says: you did an athletics check, thought you were gearing up for some exercise routine
Mara looks around at the rest of the group. “Does anyone actually have a plan?”
Orin says “We’ve made it this far without a plan, I don’t see why we should start now”

Orin pulls the boat into the dock, and looks at everyone “What? I used to be a sailor for a short time”
Orin says “It was a very short time, never actually got away from shore”
Kairon mutters. “Eh, it was a boring conversation anyway….”
Kairon uses Level 3 Spell Slot.
Kairon uses Fireball (Level 3, 150’, 40’ Sphere) on Bandit, Bandit, Bandit, Reaver.
Bandit drops.
Bandit drops.
Bandit dies instantly.
Reaver drops.
Orin nods to Bran, “oh look they all died”
Orin vs. AC rolls 1, misses Reaver with Longbow (150/600).
Orin hits Halla with Longbow (150/600) for 8 damage (d8+5 piercing).
Orin’s mouth drops open as his arrow misses and hits Halla in the back, letting his bow slip from his grasp it drops to the stone steps
Orin holds Jolliver’s hands behind his back “anyone have something to tie him up with?”
Kairon says “I’ve got some rope in my pack. Which may still be in the boat now that I think about it.”
Jolliver Grimjaw moans, and shifts back into human form.
Orin let’s go of Jolliver dropping him to the ground “ok that felt weird”
Kairon says “Well, that’s the information bit. Now, let’s talk ‘tolls’….”
Orin nudges Bran “We’re going to get some rolls tonight”
Orin grabs mashed potatos from the table and throws them against the wall
Orin kool aid man’s the wall
Orin yells “OH YEAH”
Mara frowns, “I’m gonna have to leave my boat here, aren’t I?”
Orin says “well we can use it to cross the river but the road is going to make sailing a bit difficult, what with it being a road and all”
Mara says "To my boat! "
Orin says “To her boat!”
Orin may or may not mention being king of the world.
Black Earth Priest yells “OGREMACH COMMANDS IT!”
Orin says “you think he’s talking to us? I’ve never thought of myself as an interloper before”
Mara says "You wanna at least give us a reason to stop? Just cause isn’t good enough for me; sorry. "
Black Earth Priest yells "OGREMACH COMMANDS IT! "
Orin says “did you have something to do with this?”
Mara says "Neither is ‘Cause I said so.’ You’re going to have to do better than that. "
Orin says “are you Ogremach?”
Black Earth Priest sighs, mumbling to himself “Unworthy heathens, not even recognizing my lord and master Ogremach”
Orin says “yeah my question stands, maybe I’m Ogremach”
Orin points over his shoulder at Hala “maybe she’s Ogremach?”
Black Earth Priest says “Blasphemers!”
Mara says "Wait… the term sounds familiar. Probably picked it up from one of my uncles books somewhere. I think he’s some kind of earth elemental. Kind of a big deal if I remember right. "
Orin says “well yeah these guys definitely think so”
Orin says “ahem I’m with the Lord’s Alliance and I’ve been tasked with finding out about the disappearance of these people”
Mara chuckles, but shakes her head. “No, like really a big deal. Some kind of minor god, basically.”
Orin says “and if you haven’t heard of the Lord’s Alliance I’m not going to get tore up about it”
Halla has not nearly as much knowledge as the others, so she is content to let them deal with it.
Black Earth Priest says “Cease your foolish investigation or we shall …. Oh screw it. KILL THEM!”
Orin whispers "Bran that’s a caterpillar. If you could stop messing with it and talk to these guys it would be appreciated "
Orin says “So this Ogremach guy, is he going to be cool about us slaughtering all his followers?”
Halla grunts. “A little late to ask that now.”
Orin says “Well I mean if we run into him should we just act like nothing happened or what?”
Mara says "Pretty sure he’s nicknamed the prince of evil earth, so… not sure he’s gonna give us mercy either way. "
Orin says “Oh well that’s fine then, I guess we should relieve them of their evil coin and any of their other evil worthwhile belongings. I mean they are evil”
Orin shows the group the map “I don’t recognize anything on here at all, does it make sense to any of you?”
Mara rolls 1 for a Investigation skill check and gets 4.
Halla rolls 3 for a Investigation skill check and gets 3.
[Orin] says: jeez we’re lucky we didn’t eat the dang thing thinking it was a taco
Halla heaves over the side of the ship. She’s not quite sure why she keeps agreeing to get on these infernal contraptions.
Orin says “Try and focus on a single spot, that’ll help calm the queasiness…..so will getting off the boat actually”
Orin says “Where to?”
Mara hops out of bed and joins the boys in the hallway.
Mara says "A monk mentioned something about asking around the Inn for information on the deligation. We could start there. "
Orin says “Sounds like a good place to me, could use some food too, those evil rations were awful”
Orin says “Tasted like ill intentions and despair”
Orin slips the golden mask back into his pack “if a giant vulture is the strangest thing we see I’ll eat the other one”
Mara raises an eyebrow. “shake on it?”
Orin palms some hot sauce from the table in case he has to make good on his bet
A small panel in the front door slides open, and someone wearing a golden mask peers out.From beneath the mask comes a female voice: “No visitors!”
Orin says “so i guess they don’t want visitors”
Kairon uses Fireball (Level 3, 150’, 40’ Sphere)
Mara says “Orin, you up for another fireball?”
Mara says “This is my warning”
Kairon says “He’ll be fine, just do it!”
Orin says “if I say no is it going to help?”
Mara uses Fireball (Level 3, 150’, 40’ Sphere)
Mara says, “Too late.” She watches the fireball explode into the room, and cheers before giving an apologetic look at Orin. As almost everyone else crumbles to the ground, she glances at the new guy standing next to her, “Who are you?” she glances back at the rest of the party, “and where’d Bran go?”
Orin Slaps at the embers on his sleeve, “I’m OK!”

Orin says “hey anyone else think the young girl we’ve been running around with might be a necromancer?”
Mara grins as two of the men shakily stand up, and then moan at her for a moment. “Guys! I got us some shields!”
Harwood Grissom says “While I am no fan of undead… I did not come here to judge you or waggle my finger in disapproval. I am here to assist in getting to the bottom of this cult.”
Orin says “Good thing, the last guy we met in the woods tried to judge her and she shot a lightning bolt through his face”
Renwick says “Ah, I see. Altruistic adventurers seeking fame and fortune while righting the world’s wrongs… much as I once was.”
Orin says “Oh good we have subletting an evil cults storage room to look forward to in our later years”
Orin picks up a bucket and gently yet quickly puts it over fred the zombie’s neck hanging down behind him and takes a bottle they got from the distillery and opens it pouring the contents inside.
Halla eyes Orin curiously.
Mara tilts her head to the side slightly as Orin pours out one of the perfectly good bottles of brandy. “care to explain?”
Orin says “eventually one of you is going to throw some fire and now Fred is going to give it some oomph……or we send him down the hall by himself, light my arrow on fire and probably a little less oomph but effective”
Orin says “unless you’re overly attached to the gentleman with the melted face”
Kairon points at Orin. “You found it, you tell the story.”
Bruldenthar looks expectantly at Orin
Orin says “A friend of mine and a member of the Lord’s Alliance said your delegation had gone missing, we found a merchant with your books so we found out where he got them which was a pirate castle which some of us may own now and then we found where your group had been taken and we found the cultist and we killed them and then we found out they had a place here because of a map we found and then we came through and started pretty much liberating the whole lot of you and now you’re here and your book is somewhere and we should probably work our way out of here and get you to safety”
Orin takes a deep breath and puts a hand on his knee
Orin looks at Kairon “good?”
Torin says “Excellent! Now, how exactly are we going to bypass this most solid of obstacles?” as he gestures at the door.
Mara says “Kairon could head butt it again.”
Kairon mutters something that sounds vaguely like “head” and “battering ram”.
Orin says “Teamwork!”
Orin says “Perserverance!”
Bruldenthar the dwarf says “Honoration!”
Orin says “Unfailing enthusiasm!”
Bruldenthar says “Justitude!”
Orin looks at Bruldenthar. “Are you mocking me?”
Bruldenthar says “For Memory Loss!”, pulls out an oversized flask and drains it in one pull.
Orin says “I shoot things larger than you from my bow!”
Orin says “Now, the door.”
Orin says “Fred was really popular, if we hadn’t killed all his friends too, he would have had an amazing memorial service”
Orin jumps into the same bed as the barbarian. “Please keep me warm, Ro-Kai”
Ro-Kai immediately shoves Orin out of the bed. “Find your own bed, scum”
Orin curls up on the bench and cries himself to sleep
Torin says “Orin, may I see that pyramid?”
Orin says “The one I steathily hid in my pack or the one you knew i was holding for the last 5 minutes when all the blue light came out of it?”
Orin hands over the pyramid.
Kairon glances at Halla. “May I ask what, exactly, I did to deserve that?”
Ro-Kai says “Well, you died.”
Ro-Kai says “For starters.”
Kairon holds up a hand. “Not saying I didn’t, but specifically.”
Mara says "It was kind of a hassle for all of us. "
Orin says “Yeah, we could barely sleep”
Orin whispers to Mara “so if these two go crazy I think I can take out Halla, do you think you could take care of Kairon…..say if you had the jump on him or something?”
Mara whispers in reply, “I mean he’s been mostly dead all day, so probably..”
Orin whispers “good point”
Orin says “huh, you don’t see that every day”
Orin says “they’re like little fire dwarves”
Orin whispers “cute except for that whole super ugly thing they have going on”
Orin whispers “I wonder if they will get mad if I set my arrows on fire with their hair”
Mara says "You’re sneaky. I bet you could do it without them noticing. Rosting marshmallows on the other hand may get a bit trickier. "
Orin whispers “do you have marshmallows? I mean if we’re in a big fight who’s going to get all tore up about smores”
Orin whispers “that makes sense, but if the….oh hey there little fire guy, how’s it going”
Mara says "little fire guy, how do you feel about marshmallows? "
Jaxxa says “I know not of these mellows of the marsh”
Orin eyes Jaxxa’s fiery hair like he would a campfire
Mara furrows her eyebrows at Ro-Kai. “You really think my fireball will do any good against people made of fire?”
Ro-Kai shrugs.
Orin says “in his defense he’s never ran into people made of axes so he might not get that part of it”
Mara grimaces, “Why do you guys assume I’d eat jelly off of the floor of an unfamiliar dungeon? That’s just disgusting.”
Orin says “you make melted dead guys follow you around and do your bidding….jelly off the floor doesn’t seem like a big leap”
Ro-Kai grabs the fighter in a suffocating embrace.
Orin says “ack! RoKai you’re used to jelly arms too tight too tight!”
Ro-Kai releases Orin from his death hug.
Ro-Kai says “I assumed your impressive biceps would protect you.”
Orin beams “thanks for noticing”
“Honored guests,” he says. “Tell us of your adventures in the Sumber Hills. Let us aid you in any way we can.”
Mara looks at Torin, and then Orin, and then worriedly at Ro-Kai, but stays quiet.
Thurl Merosska looks around the group, waiting to see who will tell the stories
Torin nudges Orin
Orin says “thanks for the meal, blah blah, saw some sneaky guy going into a doorway on the other end of the valley blah blah do you know anything about it?”
Orin picks up a dinner roll and looks at Thurl
Orin says “If you help us out I can offer you the power to shoot fire out of your butt…..anything seem sinister to you about that?”
Orin Looks at Ro-Kai and mouths “I can’t really do that” before he gets too excited
Orin continues to lie still because of the whole dead thing
Ma Birch pokes Orin in the belly. “So skinny”
Orin whines “Mom cut it out”
Pa Birch whispers to Orin “Did you shut down the Portal? That Vanessa was all afraid you were going to because you had something called Tinderstoke”
Ro-Kai says “My new parents are great. Why haven’t you introduced me to them already Orin?”
Ma Birch looks around the room. “I’m going to have to remember some of these designs for the quilting group”
Orin says “OK closing my ears now!”
Orin says “Wait….what portal? Tinder what?”
Orin looks at Fido the zombie “so what do you do when Mara isn’t making you do stuff? Just smell weird and decay and stuff?”
Fido says “uhhhhhhhggggg”
Orin says “You being a zombie and all probably don’t have women troubles huh? Your zombie mother probably doesn’t bother you about zombie grandkids either, you sure do have it made.”
Orin says “I sure am glad that my dear sweet mother isn’t a zombie though, nobody makes rubarb pie like her, that’s for sure”
Orin sighs “zombie grandkids” and then walks over to watch the fight “were we suppose to use that portal? i think my mom closed it”
Orin says to Mara “sorry about killing your mom, on the bright side she wasn’t trying to marry you off to the first guy she saw you around”
Ro-Kai says “I’m still available Orin.”
Ro-Kai screams and runs into battle.
Orin yells up to Ro-Kai “you might not be her first choice but don’t think she won’t fit you for a wedding dress if she runs out of options”
The steep passage opens into a chamber with a convex floor. Scores of humanoid skulls, most of them scorched and charred, are stuffed into niches in the walls. Many of them burn with flames, each varying in color, casting the entire chamber in bizarre light.
Orin says “oh well at least this room isn’t weird”
Orin checks his quiver for the arrows with the red nocks because he did read the parts of the game log with his name in them
Torin says “There’s also another hallway here to the east… so many places to explore.”
Ro-Kai shouts back, “Time to split up!”
Orin says “i don’t think……maybe we shouldn’t…..you can’t even hear me can you?”
Orin leans over to Halla and says “by god that man had a family King”
Orin says “He’s really stomping a mudhole and walking it dry”
Orin sees the blank stare Halla is giving him and shuts up to go search for the thing to throw in the thing
Orin says “Gorak did you see anything else down there?”
Gorak shakes his head and says, “Nothing. Just a wall with a huge door and some rather pleasant carvings that certainly don’t mean imminent doom.”
Orin says “imminent doom is kind of our thing”
Orin shurgs his shoulders at Mara, in a way that says sorry, and i’m not sure, while everyone else began to realize that Orin was very good with his gestures
Orin sees the swarm go crazy over a couple darts and shakes his head in a manner that suggest that might not be the way out
Orin looks and does a little bit of soft shoe to say maybe we should head back the way we came
Mara struggles with the net, but gives up, realizing it will take too much time. “Orin, how do you feel about being caught in a fireball?”
Orin winks in a way that says my feelings have never stopped you before
Mara uses Fireball (Level 4, 150’, 40’ Sphere).
Kuo Toa Monitor drops.
Kuo-toa dies instantly.
Kuo-toa dies instantly.
Orin rolls 11 for a Constitution check and gets 15.
Orin winks once more in a way that says now i have no eyelashes
Orin fires two arrows at the fish thing and wiggles his nose in a way that says he hopes someone has a plan because he’s at his wits end on fish fighting techniques
Orin hits Aboleth with Longbow (150/600).
Aboleth drops.
Orin stomps his foot in a way that says suck it big fish thing
Halla uses Wild Shape.
Orin runs towards the newly moosified Halla, grabs a handful of fur, and swings himself up onto her back. Now riding on top of the moose, he finds a steady footing and releases two arrows at the prophet.
Orin says “Whew that was a dream, who are you? My head feels squishy”
Momo thinks “I am Momo. I live on this farm.”
Momo thinks “I found you nearly dead in my field a week ago.”
Orin rolls to his side trying to stand up as he says “farms have chickens this is a hardwood floor”
Momo looks inquisitively at Orin. “We are inside a house on a farm.”
Orin says “that makes sense, so you do have chickens?”
Orin makes it to his knees and stops to think about standing all the way up
Momo thinks “The chickens are all dead. There have not been living creatures on this farm in a long time.”
Orin blinks his eyes “you use the word farm loosely”
CRASH from outside
Momo thinks “You can call me Momo and- What is that sound?”
Halla rushes back into the room and looks at the others. “What in the world?” and then heads out the door.
Orin watches as Momo leaves the room, “well it’s not the chickens”
Orin says “drinking strange potions from a guy with tentacles for a face, stepping into glowing circles, maybe next we’ll go skinny dipping in a pirahna pond, what a day”
Orin Looks at Momo and points to the crystal breastplate he has around his pack “You want this one?”
Momo thinks “It seems just a bit cursed.”
Orin says “yeah probably, I just don’t wear it cause it’s all bunchy in the shoulders and I like a little more movement”
Mara says "I think that all depends on whether or not they knew about my mother. "
Orin says “she probably kidnapped lots of people, they’ve probably heard of her”
Orin says “but even more legendary than Mara’s cray cray mom is the tale of the Phanny Pack!”
Nalun laughs so hard he falls off his stool
Vyncent turns around and faces the group. “Did you say Fanny Pack?”
Orin says “Ph Ph you have to push it out more with your bottom lip…..Phanny Pack”
Vyncent says “ah. But still…I wouldn’t go around yelling that. Do you have any idea what fanny means ’round these parts?”
Vyncent turns back towards the bar mumbling “Fanny pack…”
Mara looks embarrassed and stares at her hands, not wanting to make eye contact with any of the other customers
Halla mutters. “I tried to tell them…”
Orin says “the Phandaleans are proud of us, it’s not our fault people don’t have the good diction to rightfully pronounce Phanny”
Mara tries to get the groups attention back to the issue at hand. “I’m ready to go talk to them as soon as possible. I don’t think having waterdeeps militia behind us would be a bad idea when we face Yancy again.”
Orin says “agreed, next time Phanny Pack is spoken in this tavern there will be a line of people waiting to buy us drinks……or the whole place will be ashes, either way we should get a move on”
Master Dovius glances up, “Mara! So good to see your mother didn’t succeed in killing you and your friends. I’ll be with you in a moment, young lady, we’re dealing with import matters here.”
Orin says “Important matters, unlike your mother trying to kill all of us”
Apprentice Quimby says “Hi Mara”
Orin whispers “boyfriend?”
Mara looks Quimby up and down, and smirks. “You actually managed to get a job here, huh? Good for you. I bet your mommy is so proud.”
Orin turns to Halla and whispers “she’s not really one to talk about Mommies”
Orin says “The Phanny Pack will save the day yet again”
Mistress Mirox says “Well, I never!”
Halla rolls her eyes and follows, ready to be done with this place.
Mara rolls her eyes at Orin and whispers “That’s not a very threatening name for pirates.”
Orin says “You’re not a very threatening name for pirates”
As you are leaving the hall, another page runs up to Halla and hands her a note.
Halla blinks, utterly confused, and reads the note.
Orin whispers “i bet there’s a question in that note and it ends with check yes or no”
Orin says “Do they frown on you raising the dead as much as most people? No judging of course”
Mara laughs. “Oh definitely… probably even more. To be honest it’s not particularly… healthy, I guess would be the best word for it. It’s probably doing a number on my soul”
Orin says “Well the first time you brought back a Fred I almost shot you in the face because woah evil and all that, but then I met your mom so I found out what evil truly was, now you’re just peculiar”
Orin says “You can be a part of this group murder or that group murder but you should choose soon before they sink”
Orin Watches Quimby scream and run as he leans over to Mara “your boyfriend is full of fight with the backbone of an ox”
Orin comes down the steps and watches quimby try and drink some orange juice, obviously frightened after the encounter with the kraken, his shaking hands keep spilling more and more of the liquid “Quimby, I know you’re trying to avoid scurvy but do you want ants? Because that’s how you get ants.”
Orin throws an orange peel at Quimby’s head “Orange you glad I didn’t say apple?”
Quimby yells up to Orin, “Apples have a thin skin. Like Mara”
Orin Looks down at Quimby “you’re awful mouthy for someone that can’t hold a glass of juice correctly”
Mara snaps her fingers, and sparks fly out, landing on Quimby’s arm, and burning small holes through his shirt. “Don’t test me quimby. I can get you thrown over board at the snap of my fingers, and I don’t really need to answer to your mother if you end up swimming home.”
Orin says “I could answer to your mother a thing or t…..” stops as he sees Mara looking up at him sharply “So we’re not doing phrasing?”
Mara says "Why not? The plan is to see what’s in the cave… I hadn’t thought anything else out after that. "
Orin says “there’s definitely a light in there, put that on the list”
Orin looks behind him and whispers “hey Halla”
Halla looks up sharply. “Yes?”
Orin says “Halla”
Orin …….
Orin yells “HALLA!”
Orin whispers “Danger Zone”
Orin says “That armor I gave to Gore-ak could talk I think, it kept saying put me on and destroy the world or something…..I just thought it would look too bulky, leather is much more slimming”
Giant Rat says “squeak squeak!”
Halla squeaks back at the Giant Rat.
Giant Rat says “squeak!”
Halla squeaks in a soothing manner.
Orin says “anyone else thought this was how your evening was going to go? I just wish I hadn’t left my dried meat back topside, could have had dinner and a show”
Orin says “hello dead rat, how are you?”
Orin says “die here often?”
Giant Rat misses Orin with Bite.
Orin says “easy easy there’s enough of me to go around”
Orin lets loose a blinding flash of radiant light point blank at the rat in front of him “if you didn’t look like a oppossum that had lived a rough life i’d almost feel sorry for that”
Orin says “hey guys…..have you seen like a door around here?”
Giant Rat hisses at Orin
Orin thinks “i’ve got to stop paying attention to halla she does really weird stuff…..talking to rats sheesh” as he raises his bow
Orin hits Giant Rat with Dawncaster (150/600) for 13 damage (d8+9 radiant).
Giant Rat drops.
Orin hits Giant Rat with Dawncaster (150/600) for 12 damage (d8+9 radiant).
Giant Rat drops.
Orin looks at the last rat “so do you know where the door is?
Orin Holds the charred remains of the last rat in his hand “seriously, just let out one last squeak and then point a whisker towards the secret door and I’ll be on my way, promise”
Orin says "Use to be, I shot arrows that would have skewered you to the wall, Dawncaster really does a number on my targets now. I mean you’re almost medium rare at this point. If you didn’t stink so bad I’d consider this a quick snack but really you guys smelled long before I came down here and cooked one of you. "
Giant Rat says “:-P”
Momo thinks to Orin, “Are you okay?”
Orin thinks back “Yeah, just trying to find that secret door, be there in a jiff”
Orin says "there’s a secret door down that way but good luck getting one of those jerks to tell you where it is "

Mara furrows her eyebrows at Fenton ‘Golden-Eye’ Blackwood, Captain of the Hangman’s Disgrace, and shakes her finger at him. “Careful, or we’ll throw you back overboard!” she sways back and forth.
Orin says “Hard to do on land Cap’n but we’ll try our best, maybe we should get you a nice cot for the next 8 to 12 hours”
Momo thinks to Quimby, “It’ll be okay Quimby. We won’t let anything happen to you.”
Orin says “I mean we did let him be poisoned like half a day ago”
Telvo looks up at Orin. “You wanna knock? Or me?”
Orin reaches the doors just before the dwarf. “Ha, I win.”
Orin knocks loudly on the set of large doors before them.
Orin says “Sorry what was that? I was busy knocking.”
Telvo says, “Weapons at the ready friend…” and throws the doors open, ready to shoot anything that moves.
Orin slowly walks into the door.
Orin says “Ouch.”
Orin walks through the doorway instead.
Orin mutters to himself, “I mean it’s only three of them, there’s a good chance you’re going to just shoot right past them, if you don’t they’re going to get gotten anyway, might as well give it your best, does anyone else feel particularly righteous all of a sudden? i’m gonna mess a ghost up!”
Mara says "Hi ghost. "
Quimby waves
Mara says "Do you have a name? "
Orin says “that’s awful rude, you wouldn’t like it if someone came up and said ‘Hi girl’ oh you were getting to that part”
Mara says “what do we want with a well?”
Orin says “it’s where people put things, coins, rings, baby jessica….."
Orin rolls 2 for a Investigation skill check and gets 2.
Orin yells “nothing out here”
Orin listens at the door and hears moaning beyond.
Orin turns and walks back up the hallway “someone forgot to put a sock on the handle”
Orin Finds a bit of canvas from the spare sails and wraps them around the to shards of glowing crystal, tying them off with twine
Orin tucks his invisibility potions (which he now has two of apparently) and his healing potion in his PHANNY PACK branded fanny pack
Orin pulls out his baby rattle and shakes it a few times before putting it back in his pack “that probably won’t come in handy”
Orin looks through a side pouch “clockwork gold fish isn’t going to help either, it’s really neat though. I should name him. Probably after that Folk group that sang the song my parents named me after”
Orin says “that really just leaves the elven underwear, Daemon Ritus, and the Medusa head…..nothing of use there I suppose”
Telvo says “I’m not so good with the riggin’ up, more of a spur o’ the moment kinda guy.”
Orin says “well do you think in the spur of the moment you could drop a mountain on someones head?”
Orin says “Halla, if you end up dying I want to let you know that it hasn’t been the absolute worst experience traveling with you. And Mara if we hadn’t kidnapped a teenage girl then my parents wouldn’t have been brutally tortured so I suppose this is as good of a place for you. The rest of you I can’t really say I remember all of your names but you’ve all been decent enough I suppose, so I guess I hope you don’t die but if you do I hope it’s fairly quick and painless”
Orin feels pretty proud of his pep talk, totally secure that everyone wil now give it their best.
Orin (in no way because he misses Torin, but because it’s a manly thing to do) starts to sing “Stand back everyone, nothing here to see. Just imminent danger, in the middle of it, me! Yes, Orin Birch’s here, hair standing up like a tree. And the day needs my saving expertise”
Torin says “AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!”
Torin lands with a heavy thud. “Ohh….”
Mara screams
Gore-Ak mutters, “I’ll drink to that…” as a man falls out of the sky, and does just that.
Torin says “Mara!? I found you! She didn’t trick me?? Halla, Orin! You’re all ok”
Mara says “What the hell Torin?!?”
Orin says “damn it, I thought the singing would be funny, it wasn’t like I was summoning the elemental god of silly songs and bad one-liners”
Torin says “Why do you all look like crap!?”
Orin says “killed a god, you?”
Mara says “I must admit… Gore-Ak does do a good job of keeping MY ship afloat… but that doesn’t mean I’m not captain.”
Orin says “they do this a lot ’i’m the captian, no i’m the captain, no it’s duck season’ it goes on and on but the ship hasn’t sunk…..well, one of them might have. anyway the boat we’re on now is over there”



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