Session 90 - Your ass be draggin....

Last week the group got in a fight with a Medusa who has “Daddy Issues.”

Dracusa says “You’re not my type…” Percival says “I am everyone’s type.” Gore-Ak cancels its move. Gore-Ak vs. AC rolls 11 ; hits Dracusa with Horns for 6 damage (d10+3 piercing). Gore-Ak rushes forward and puts his head down to ram into the medusa with a triumphant yell.

Attack submitted.
Mara uses Level 2 Slot.
Mara vs. AC rolls 15 ; hits Dracusa with Ray of Sickness (Level 2) for 4 damage (3d8 poison).
The effect Mara is delaying is gone.
Round 8 begins.
Dracusa rolls 15 for a Constitution check and gets 18.
XITLALCOTL bumps into statues trying to follow along. “I hear fighting. Let me know if I canbe of any assistance”
Orin vs. AC rolls 5 , misses Dracusa with Dawncaster (150/600).
Orin vs. AC rolls 10 ; hits Dracusa with Dawncaster (150/600) for 12 damage (d8+9 radiant and magic).
Orin says “yes assist by stop bumping into stuff you threw my aim off”
Percival uses Confusion (6) on Dracusa.
XITLALCOTL huffs. “Fine” and sits down
Percival conjures a bundle of pixie dust and blows it towards the dracuse, hoping to incapacitate her long enough for the party to fight her.
Dracusa rolls 8 for a Will save and gets 9.
GM [DM] rolls a d10 for 6.
Dracusa rolls 13 for a Reflex save and gets 21.
Dracusa says “What the…?”
Orin says “sorry that was rude, what about if you went and fetched me that barrel full of arrows?”
Percival says “Spit poison in my face? No ma’am. Have some pixie dust.”
XITLALCOTL says" Oh, yeah, that. Right over there?" and points toward Bryn
Torin uses Level 2 Slot.
Torin uses Healing Word (Level 2, 60’, Bonus) on Percival.
Torin vs. AC rolls 19 ; hits Dracusa with Eldritch Blast x2 for 5 damage (d10 force and magic).
Dracusa drops.
Torin vs. AC rolls 13 ; hits Dracusa with Eldritch Blast x2 for 5 damage (d10 force and magic).
Percival says “Way to go Torin!”
Dropping out of initiative. Free movement.
Gore-Ak stomps over to the fallen medusa, still averting his eyes, and starts hacking her head off with a handaxe he’s had this whole time and never bothered to use.
Orin says “does bryn turn herself into barrles of arrows now?”
XITLALCOTL starts wandering toward the cliff
Mara walks up behind XIT, “Is there anything you actually could have done in that battle?”
XITLALCOTL says “I healed the minotaur…”
XITLALCOTL stops just before the cliff and turns toward Mara’s voice
Orin investigates the barrel of arrows, careful not to touch them in case they are bryn
Percival races to the treasure chest but decides to inspect it for traps first before opening it.
Bryn blinks back into existance ready to fire a couple of magic missles, and looks very confused when there’s nothing to fire at.
Percival rolls 2 for a Perception skill check and gets 6.
Percival catches himself in his excitement. He wasn’t going to spring a trap and kill himself. “Hey Humphrey! I need your big strong muscles to open this chest!”
Halla follows the sound of Percival’s shouting. She had only gotten to the room in time to see it all end, and had no real idea what was going on yet.
Treasure Chest uses Poison Needle Trap on Percival.
Percival doesn’t notice any traps and decides to open the chest anyway.
Gore-Ak tosses his handaxe aside, slick with medusa blood, and picks up the head by a writhing mass of hair tentacles. He holds it wayyyy off to one side and says, “nobody look at this, and maybe get me a bag.” He then begins rifling through her pockets with his free hand.
Percival rolls 6 for a Constitution Save skill check and gets 15.
Mara sighs and walks over to Gore-Ak, holding out her bag of holding for yet another medusa head.

Simply furnished, this area contains a massive pile of furs. The furs are piled on top of seven at stones. Pushed against the back wall is a wooden chest with iron bands. A bronze brazier , and a silk changing screen (with three panels, all depicting a fanciful fey scene) round out the furnishings.

Percival reels as the chest’s poisonous trap strikes him, but resists its more nefarious effects. “I mean there’s no treasure ignore me haha.”
Gore-Ak drops the head into the bag and says, “Thanks, spooky. I think her daddy might want that back.”
Halla is about to offer Percival a helping hand when the chest springs open. She decided to look around the obvious bedroom instead for anything interesting.
Orin slides his bow into his quiver and takes the safety strap off of his dagger before finding a hand and foothold in the rock and begins to climb
Gore-Ak rolls 14 for a Investigation skill check and gets 17.
Halla rolls 11 for a Perception skill check and gets 17.
Percival looks around at the diamonds with a bored expression worn across his face. He’d seen plenty of diamonds, Percival wanted something magical, not mundane.
Percival says “All yours Halla.” as he gestures towards the jewels inside the chest. “This isn’t my kind of treasure.”
Percival opens the box that sprung out of the trapped chest.
Halla takes Diamond.
Halla takes Diamond.
Halla takes Diamond.
Halla takes Diamond.
Halla takes Diamond.
Percival takes Elixir of Petrification.
Percival takes Oil of sharpness.
Percival takes Necklace of Elemental Might.
Percival takes Bottle of Red Smoke.
Halla picks up the diamonds, surprised at their warmth, and tucks them into her pack. She wanders around the room, and considers grabbing the brasier so she can bring the flames with her, but she had no way to hold on to it.
Mara slings the bag of her shoulder, glad that it doesn’t leak blood out of the bottom yet.
Percival excitedly grabs the treasures from the next box. This was what he had hoped for!
Mara says "Do we need to go kill this dragon? Or at least find it? "
XITLALCOTL yells across the cave “Yes!”
Percival says “Does anyone know what these magical items are?”
Mara says “Looks fancy.”
Mara says "I’d call that a necklace. "
Percival really doesn’t want to share but really really doesn’t want to not know what they do.
Percival says “I can feel the magical energy radiating off of it, I just can’t seem to IDENTIFY what it does.”
Mara says "Ohhhh. I can do that for you. Bring it here. "
Percival lands on Mara’s shoulder and nudges her in the temple.
Mara uses Level 1 Slot.
Percival says “Oh thank you pretty girl!”
Mara uses Identify (Level 1).
Mara Reaches for the necklace and feels it grow warm in her hands as more magic floods through it.
Halla thought the furs looked inviting – she was always down for a nap – but she spent most of her time looking at the triptych of the fey rendered on silk. It was clearly well done, and if her time stealing from the rich and powerful had taught her anything, it was how to evaluate the worth of something. She wondered how the creature had come across such oppulent surroundings stuck down in this cavern.
Mara looks back at Percival. “What’s in it for me, if I tell you what it does?”
Orin rolls 7 for a Strength check and gets 10.
Percival says “I’ll give you this bottle of red smoke that I also don’t know anything about.”
Gore-Ak huffs about not finding anything cooler than a medusa head and stomps off to look around some more.
Gore-Ak nudges Orin and asks, “Think there’s anything to stab down there?”
Mara shrugs. “This isn’t really my style anyways. It’s a Necklace of elemental might. You can use an action to remove a break a gem; this summons an elemental (appropriate to the gem selected) as if you had cast the conjure elemental spell. Once used, the magic of a gem is lost. If all four gems are removed and broken at the same time, no elemen- tals are summoned, but the sudden release of elemental magic causes 20 points of re damage, 20 points of cold damage, 20 points of lightning damage, and 20 points of bludgeoning damage in a 20-foot-diameter sphere. A successful DC 20 Dexterity saving throw reduces the damage to half.”
Orin reaches for a hand hold and the rock slips from his fingertips “damn it, it’s too slippery”
Gore-Ak rolls 18 for a Strength check and gets 21.
Percival says “Oh that could come in very handy indeed. Humphrey! I’ve got something for you too.”
Percival drops Bottle of Red Smoke.
Percival drops Oil of sharpness.
Orin whispers “well sure hooves can do it”
Mara looks over just in time to see Gore-Ak start scaling the wall and Orin almost slip. “What in god’s name are you guys doing up there?”
Orin says “i saw feathers, either there’s a giant rooster up there or a barrel of arrows”
Mara takes Bottle of Red Smoke.
Halla drops Threefold Arrow.
Halla heads back down the stairs. Seeing that Orin is once again on a level with her, she rummages and pulls out the weird looking arrow she found in the bones. “I think you’ll make the most use of this, Orin.”
Gore-Ak calls down, “Yep. Definitely arrows. If you want, I can throw ’em down, or you can learn to climb.”
Mara uses Arcane Recovery (Regain LVL/2 Spell Slots).
Orin says “ohhh it’s arrow palooza…I know how to climb thank you….but yeah just toss em down please”
Orin examines the arrow halla hands him “thanks Halla, where did you get this?”
Gore-Ak just kind of kicks the barrel over the ledge and yells, “Arrows awayyyy!”
Orin pulls Halla to one side as the arrows fall
Percival flutters around the cavern, “It seems this was just her room.”

The arrows bounce down the ledge. One of these things is not like the others.
Halla thumbs back in the direction they had come. “Something died in the water back there. Probably this arrow killed it.”
Gore-Ak takes Oil of sharpness.
Orin says “maybe i can use it to kill more things then, thanks”
Orin examines the arrows all over the floor “oohhh, this one is especially nice”
Orin takes Threefold Arrow.
Orin takes Arrow of Dragon Slaying.

Orin takes the two obviously superior quality arrows and sets them to the side while he grabs a handful of the others and slides them out of sight into his quiver, before going back to the others

XITLALCOTL says “I can heal someone if they need it…”
Percival says “I could use some healing.”
Mara says "I wouldn’t say no to some healing. "
Torin takes Wooden Box.
Torin opens the box to see what’s inside
XITLALCOTL says “I only have 2 left, should I use them both now?”
Percival says “Yes.”
Mara says "No. "
Mara says "Save one for the battle to come. I’ll be fine for now. "
XITLALCOTL uses Cure Wounds on Percival.
XITLALCOTL says “What are these things I keep bumping into?”
Mara says “Large statues. Why does it matter?”
XITLALCOTL says “Oh, and that was a Medusa that you killed?”
Mara says "I hope so, otherwise I just have some poor girls head in my bag. "
Orin says “yes, she was probably a sculpter, what’s your point?”
XITLALCOTL says “If they are the Medusa’s victims, and not just clever sculptures, I may be able to revive one if that would help…”
Orin says “fine but if you awaken a rock golem he’s all yours”
XITLALCOTL says “I was hoping there might be something that would be more disposed towards helping us…”
Mara says "More bodies means more people for the dragon to go after that aren’t me. I’m all for you reviving one of them. "
XITLALCOTL says “Figure out which one and guide me to it, then”
Percival says “I vote dragon.”
Percival says “right this way Xlotol.”
XITLALCOTL looks surprised “There’s another dragon, here? Interesting”
XITLALCOTL uses Greater Restoration on the dragon statue
Orin yells “local native!” and then turns to see where the sound came from
Mara backs away from the dragon, not sure if inviting another dragon to join them was a good idea.
Percival says “Welcome oh great gold dragin! I am Prince Percival Stormborn. We have slain the Medusa that petrified you, and we were hoping to get your help in defeating the poisonous dragon that resides here.”
Orin leans over to Halla and whispers “so, is that like a cousin of yours?”
Verithax says “hmmmmm…..”
Halla snorts. “Dragons and Demons aren’t even the same species.”
Orin whispers “oh I was talking about the horns…..so you and Gore-ak don’t know each other either huh?”
Halla turns her head slowly, glaring at him with all of her ability. She keeps up this gaze far longer than is comfortable without saying anything.
Verithax says “What is in it for me? I’m kinda sick of this place and would really like to head home.”
Percival says “Aren’t gold dragons known for doing what’s right for the sake of being virtuous?”
Orin stares back oblivious to any kind of faux pas that may have transpired…..and then winks
Gore-Ak stomps over to the edge of the cliff and looks out at the gold dragon. He shrugs. It’s not so great.
Halla says finally, “I’m half sure you just called me a cow.”
Percival says “I knew a gold dragon once. She had the strongest sense of justice I’ve ever seen.”
Verithax says “For all I know, you are a lot of murder hoboes and the dragon here would be doing everyone a favor by removing you from the world…”
Orin whispers “is the other half sure i called gore-ak a demon? I’d go with that half”
Verithax says “Or I could do the world a favor…”
Halla wrinkles her nose. “I think that’s worse. That’s an insult to Demons.”
Orin whispers “you’re SURE you’re not any relation to this guy? Cause I think he might be about to flambe us”
Percival says “We have come here on the behest of the local people. They pleaded with us to aid them in helping to dispatch this terror. This green poisonous dragon has harmed these people long enough. Don’t you think it’s your duty as a good dragon to help us end this evil being’s reign of terror?”
Orin whispers “Can you turn into one at least?”
Percival rolls 9 for a Persuasion skill check and gets 18.
Halla shakes her head. “Hush you. I mostly work in moonlight, not fire. Ask Mara if they’re related. She at least has a dragon familiar.”
Verithax says “So YOU’RE here to aid the locals?”
Gore-Ak sits down on the ledge and whispers, “Psuedodragons aren’t actually dragons. They’re fairies.”
Percival says “That is why we’re in this pyramind, yes. We were asked to help, and we’ve come to do just that.”
Orin whispers "not “these” locals….apparently we picked you to un-statue"
Percival says “This evil dragon must be slain, I believe you can help us.”
Gore-Ak starts… surprise surprise… drinking.
Percival says “Our friend here, the Couatl, has interacted with this dragon before. He chose to aid us as well after we freed him from a prison. Won’t you join our quest too?”
Verithax says “Well in that case, if you’re not here for the dragon’s hoard, I will help you. Then we can make sure the hoard is redistributed among the locals….”
Percival says “Of course. I have no problem with those terms.”
Orin whispers “we’re poor people…except for halla she just stuffed her pockets full of diamonds”
Bryn makes snide comment about wealth distribution
Verithax says “Lead on then…”
Halla stamps on Orin’s toe.
Orin smiles “Boots!”
Halla grins back. “Hooves.”
Percival says “Back to the main cave!”
Verithax says “to the bat cave?”
Orin says "fun fact, Mama Birch always made me get boots that were a size or two bigger than what I wear “because you’ll grow into them” jokes on you where my toes should be is only fluff"
Orin has a sad look come over his face before pulling out his bow once again and following the group
Verithax says “Are you the Couatl that was under glass in the other room?”
Gore-Ak hops down from the ledge, landing with a loud clatter of hooves but refusing to put away his cask of ale. The minotaur just follows along back to where they think the dragon is, drinking all the way.
Verithax says “ah”
Mara tenses a little, thinking about what’s to come, but tightens her jaw and marches forward towards the main cave
Percival says “Come on Xlotl! Follow the sound of my voice!”
Halla sticks her tongue out at Orin, a rare moment of frivolity from the generally stoic Tiefling, and then follows the others out of the creepy death passage.
You do not command this Creature.

The winding path deposits your band in an upper chamber at least 100 feet wide and extending to the east at least that distance, likely more. Several columns of water drop from the ceiling that wind their way toward your location. They plunge over the west side, which is apparently open to the main chamber below. Numerous stalagmites, many at least 10 feet high and some two to three times that height are scattered about the chamber.

Gore-Ak looks around and decides it’s probably time to stop drinking. He’s not entirely sure where the dragon is, and might need his spear-hand free to do stabbing.
Percival rests atop Gore-Ak’s head. “Lead the way Humphrey!”
Gore-Ak mutters, “Humph!” and stoically takes up the lead even though they should really be making the dragon do it.
Orin says “ohhh whirlpool”
Percival says “Now might be a good time to use that oil Humphrey.”
Percival says “We could use you up here Verithax!”
Gore-Ak opens the little bottle and pours it out over the tip of Bolg. “This better not leave a stain. I don’t like stains. Unless they’re bloodstains.”
Gore-Ak finishes applying the oil and wades out across the rivulet holding his spear high overhead.

Stretching from the wall and spilling into a pair of converging streams, a mass of coins covers the entire east end of the chamber. At least several feet deep, the pile winks in gold and silver, and numerous jewel-encrusted objects poke out of the jumbled mess. Comfortably nestled in the pile of treasure is the massive scaled form of a dragon. Its emerald-olive body is at least 30 feet long, and its tail is wrapped around its body with plenty to spare. Its angular head sports bony ridges and protrusions. Its curved jaw is closed and its nostrils gently flare as its haunches gradually rise and fall. Its eyes are gently closed, and a sail-like fin originates at its head and travels down its back and along its whip-like tail.

Percival floats gently into the air, hovering comfortably about 30 feet above the ground.
Gore-Ak gazes at the mass of coins on the floor and winces. “I think we found him,” he whispers.
Percival take a jewel from his new necklace and crushes it in his tiny hand, suddenly a fire leaps from Gore-Ak’s flame and forms into a humanoid shape, ready to do battle.
Clorothra snores loudly
Percival uses Summon Elemental (7).
Halla wades across the stream, and stops dead in her tracks when she sees the monstrous green dragon atop its hoard.
Gore-Ak peers out across the massive hoard and spies the dragon sleeping on its treasure. His spear-hand twitches, ready to throw… and then a fire elemental leaps out of his shield-sconce and he stops, looks around, and rolls his eyes in Percy’s direction.
Entering initiative. Only top creature in the CreatureBar may move.
Round 1 begins.
Dropping out of initiative. Free movement.
Entering initiative. Only top creature in the CreatureBar may move.
Round 1 begins.
Percival rolls 11 for a Dexterity check and gets 14.
Halla rolls 6 for a Reflex save and gets 6.
Halla rolls 7 for a Perception skill check and gets 13.
Orin rolls 6 for a Dexterity check and gets 11.
XITLALCOTL says “Is he here?”
Percival says “He is.”
Percival says “He appears to be sleeping however.”
Orin reaches into his backpack and pulls out a vial of invisibliity and looks over at Valtrex “can you guys see invisible stuff?” and takes a sip
XITLALCOTL says “You know what they say about sleeping dragons…”
Verithax says “Yes. Yes we can sense invisible creatures…”
Unknown uses Coudkill (120’, Concentration) on Percival, Torin, Mara, XITLALCOTL, Verithax.
Percival uses Gust of Wind (3) on Percival.
Percival acts immediately upon the poisonous cloud’s appearance, blowing it away and ending the spell.
Clorothra continues to snore
Percival says “That dragon is either a very good actor or we have another foe.”
Verithax says “That dragon on the pile of coins is not real. I get no sense of a being there.”
Mara says "Then were is the one we’re looking for? "
Verithax says “This wall is an illusion…”
Verithax flies over and disappears through the wall
Verithax vs. AC rolls 11 ; hits Unknown with Bite for 27 damage (2d10+12 piercing).
Verithax vs. AC rolls 12 ; hits Unknown with Claw for 17 damage (2d6+12 slashing).
Verithax vs. AC rolls 11 ; hits Unknown with Claw for 22 damage (2d6+12 slashing).
Percival says “Dragon fight!”
Percival says “This is amazing!”
Torin cancels its move.
Torin uses Cure Wounds (Level 5) on Mara.
Torin uses Level 1 Slot.
Torin uses Healing Word (Level 1, 60’, Bonus) on Torin.
Bryn uses Cunning Action.
Unknown vs. AC rolls 17 ; hits Verithax with Tail for 19 damage (2d8+7 bludgeoning).
Gore-Ak mutters, “Not real? Hey! Get back here!” and chases off after the gold dragon.
Gore-Ak skids to a stop, not quite ready to go charging into THIS fight…
You do not command this Creature.
Clorothra uses Legendary Action (2/3) – Wing Attack.
Clorothra uses Legendary Action (2/3) – Wing Attack on Verithax.
Attack submitted.
Mara vs. AC rolls 13 ; hits Clorothra with Chill Touch for 7 damage (2d8-1 necrotic).
Halla uses Level 5 Spell Slot.
Halla uses Moonbeam (120’)(L2+)(Concentration) on Halla.
Halla uses Moonbeam Damage (L5) on Clorothra.
Round 2 begins.

A section of the treasure pile near Halla rears up and attemps to knock her down.

Halla rolls 10 for a Dexterity Save skill check and gets 13. The coins bach Halla on the back and knock her prone.

GM [DM] rolls 2d8+3 for 8 => 3 2.
GM [DM] hurts Halla for 8 damage.
Halla rolls 15 for a Concentration skill check and gets 17.
XITLALCOTL uses Enhance Ability (Concentration) on Gore-Ak.
Halla uses Moonbeam Damage (L5) on Clorothra.
Clorothra uses Frightful Presence (120’) on Percival, Gore-Ak, Fire Elemental, Verithax, Halla, XITLALCOTL, Clorothra.
Gore-Ak watches the dragon land in front of him and mutters, “Goodbye… friends?”
Percival rolls 14 for a Wisdom Save skill check and gets 17.
Percival says “That’s a scary green dragon!”
Percival rolls 19 for a Wisdom Save skill check and gets 22.
Percival says “But not really THAT scary.”
Percival uses Lightning Bolt (7) on Clorothra.
Percival uses Sorcerery Points.
Percival uses Sorcerery Points.
Percival vs. AC rolls 10 ; hits Clorothra with Ray of Frost for 13 damage (2d8+5 cold and magic).
Clorothra uses Legendary Action (2/3) – Wing Attack on Verithax.
Verithax uses Fire Breath (30’ Cone, recharge 5-6) on Clorothra.
Percival says “Dragon fight!”
Torin cancels its move.
Torin uses Countercharm (30’) on Halla, Percival, Mara, Bryn.
Torin uses Level 3 Slot.
Torin uses Healing Word (Level 3, 60’, Bonus) on Gore-Ak.
Bryn uses Level 3 Spell Slot.
Bryn uses Blink (Level 3, Self) on Bryn.
> /roll d20
Player [Mara] rolls a d20 for 17.
Gore-Ak uses Rage on Gore-Ak.
Gore-Ak vs. AC rolls 7 ; hits Clorothra with Spear of Wounding (Sharp+Rage+Posession) for 9 damage (d6+8 piercing and magic) plus 9 damage (2d6+2 necrotic).
Gore-Ak vs. AC rolls 5 ; hits Clorothra with Spear of Wounding (Sharp+Rage+Posession) for 9 damage (d6+8 piercing and magic) plus 4 damage (2d6+2 necrotic).
Gore-Ak uses Action Surge on Gore-Ak.
Gore-Ak vs. AC rolls 10 ; hits Clorothra with Spear of Wounding (Sharp+Rage+Posession) for 10 damage (d6+8 piercing and magic) plus 6 damage (2d6+2 necrotic).
Gore-Ak vs. AC rolls 4 ; hits Clorothra with Spear of Wounding (Sharp+Rage+Posession) for 10 damage (d6+8 piercing and magic) plus 10 damage (2d6+2 necrotic).
Gore-Ak rolls 8 for a Wisdom Save skill check and gets 7.
Clorothra uses Legendary Action (1/3) – Tail Attack.
Gore-Ak shouts through the unearthly terror rippling through his spine, “E GORE-AKUS REXXX!”
Clorothra vs. AC rolls 18 ; hits Gore-Ak with Tail for 14 damage (2d8+7 bludgeoning).
GM [DM] heals Gore-Ak for 7 damage.
Fire Elemental vs. AC rolls 5 , misses Clorothra with Touch (x2).
Fire Elemental rolls 14 for a Wisdom check and gets 14.
Attack submitted.
Mara vs. AC rolls 13 , misses Clorothra with Chill Touch (120’).
Gore-Ak grits his teeth and mutters, “Yes, yes, I know. You’re very good at what you do… but what you do isn’t very nice… Now shut up and let me concentrate!”
Halla uses Moonbeam Damage (L5) on Clorothra.
Halla rolls 7 for a Wisdom Save skill check and gets 14.
Halla rolls 18 for a Wisdom Save skill check and gets 25.
Round 3 begins.
Clorothra bellows and vines erupt from the floor behind Gore-Ak, reaching and grabbing for him, the Couatl and the Elemental
XITLALCOTL rolls 3 for a Strength check and gets 5.
Gore-Ak rolls 3 for a Strength Save skill check and gets 10.
Fire Elemental rolls 20 for a Strength check and gets 20.
Gore-Ak rolls 3 for a Strength Save skill check and gets 10.
XITLALCOTL rolls 7 for a Wisdom check and gets 12.
Unknown vs. AC rolls 17 ; hits Clorothra with Arrow of Dragon Slaying for 44 damage (6d10+10 piercing).
Clorothra rolls 6 for a Constitution check and gets 12.
Orin uses Superiority Die.
Player [Orin] rolls a d8 for 5.
Orin uses Goading Strike on Clorothra.
GM [DM] hurts Clorothra for 5 damage.
Orin vs. AC rolls 8 ; hits Clorothra with Threefold Arrow for 12 damage (d8+10 bludgeoning and magic).
GM [DM] hurts Clorothra for 24 damage.
Clorothra dies instantly.
Dropping out of initiative. Free movement.
Orin says “So you all have to call me Elemental King and Dragon Slayer now right?”
Orin whispers “Seems right”
Mara stares wide eyed at the dragon corpse and nods “Yes, dragon slayer. Whatever you want.”
Gore-Ak shouts, “NOT FAIR! I wanted to stab it some more!” and then does just that, stabbing the dead dragon a few more times just for kicks.
Orin says “Careful! Don’t break that arrow, I don’t think they’re as special anymore but that one is going on the mantle back home”
XITLALCOTL says “I really never expected to live through this…Now what am I going to do? Is very strange. I have been in the revenge business so long, now that it’s over, I don’t know what to do with the rest of my life.”
Orin says “have you ever considered the plumbing business? you have the tail for it”
Verithax says “you are mighty warriors. Now we can return this to it’s rightful owners”
Thorovar Ironhand says “Whoah. All done here now, huh?”
Orin pulls the now four arows out of the dragon’s stupid chest and ties a bit of string around them before slipping it into his quiver
Mara says “anyone here brave enough to eat it’s heart?”
Gore-Ak starts at the sound of his spear not talking in his head and looks around… “Oh, hi there. I was kind of getting used to having you there…” then hears Mara and shouts, “YES! FOOD!”
Halla shrugs. “I would. Why?”
XITLALCOTL says “I lived with the locals for hundreds of years. I can see that it is returned properly”
Mara says "Be Careful. I’ve heard some pretty nasty rumors about what happens if you eat a dragon’s heart. "
Gore-Ak considers this carefully and looks at the goat. “Roshambo you for it?”
Orin says “You two are gross….now that I’ve said that would any of you be against me taking one of his teeth for a sword handle?”
Halla doesn’t know what that means. “I’m sure a dragon’s heart is big enough for both of us.”
Gore-Ak shakes his head and says, “Probably not. I haven’t eaten in like… days, and I’ve only been drinking.”
Verithax says “I shall take my leave while you divvy up my, admitedly evil, cousin”
Gore-Ak ponders… “You know, we could have had two hearts.”
Orin says “bye Valtrex, be safe”
Halla nods. “Only one way to find out, I suppose.”



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