Session 72 - Boring...

Last week the group got attacked by some Kuo-Toa that broke the rudder, killed Silvertooth when they learned he had been spying on them and reporting to Hammerhead, and murderhobo’d a bunch of (as far as you know) peace loving cave-hippies.
Orin CRITS Mage with Dawncaster (150/600) for 11 damage (d8+9 radiant).
Mage drops.
Dropping out of initiative. Free movement.
Momo approaches the body of the dead mage, her glistenening brain calling to him. The last remnants of her dying mind begging to be devoured.
Momo kneels in front of the fresh corpse and leans in close.
Telvo says “Well, runnin with you lot sure is a messy job”
Momo snaps back to reality with the sound of Telvo’s voice.
Momo merely searches the pirate’s pockets.
Gore-Ak runs down the bow of the ship, across the stem, and leaps mightily to the ground like he would have if anything were still alive to stab…
Momo rolls 11for a Investigation skill check and gets 20.
Gore-Ak climbs around some rubble and pokes around what look to be rather cozy quarters for a hideaway in a sea cave.
Momo finds several pieces of silver a locket with a picture that’s so fades as to be unrecognizable, a pocket knife and a half whittled toy boat.
Momo rolls 20for a Perception skill check and gets 29.
Telvo rolls 18for a Investigation skill check and gets 26.
No secret compartments. It’s a slab of stone.
Telvo says “Bah, gettin me hopes up…”
But you do see a small stone on the ground that looks well work
Momo touches the smaler stone.
It looks a lot like the one Silvertooth had
Telvo searches the back corner.
Nothing happens when you touch it
Telvo rolls 20for a Investigation skill check and gets 28.
Gore-Ak wanders around the ruins, looking vaguely annoyed at all the dead bodies he didn’t kill. “Sooooo, we’re finding anything worth a damn here?” he asks, “Or setting up camp because we’re totally shipwrecked here without a rudder?”
Telvo finds crates of supplies, food, firewood. Looks like this was a semi-permanent outpost
Momo rolls 16for a Arcana skill check and gets 25.
Telvo says “Maybe that broken hunk of tsway-niou has a rudder we could pull off it”
Momo hands Gore-Ak the second sending stone.
Gore-Ak peers down at the other rock that isn’t a rock and says, “What? Does it go with the other one? Where’s Hammerhead?! I wanna kill him!”
Telvo shouts to the rest of the group, “Whole bunch more caves back here!” and continues exploring further
Telvo whispers “Jackpot…”
Telvo takes Scroll of Water Breathing.
Telvo takes Bag of Holding.
Telvo takes Scroll of Water Breathing.
Telvo takes Cloak of the Manta Ray.
Gore-Ak shrugs and pockets the other sending stone and kicks down the nearby door looking for loot that isn’t quite as lame!
Momo thinks to Telvo, “I’ve got my mind’s eye on you thief.”
Halla wanders around the main platform, digging through the pockets of the slain, almost out of childhood habit.
Telvo yells “I. AINT. NO. THIEF.”
Every pirate you examine are carryingsome kind of memento of a loved one
Telvo says “Oi! Minotaur! Think you’ll find a use for this ’ere cape.”
Telvo says “Mara, got a coupla scrolls you might be able to make use of”
Behind the now demolished door, Gore-Ak finds more supplies, but good quality. Both food and alcohol
Gore-Ak busies himself gathering up casks of liquor in his arms and shouts, “Uhh, what? A cape? Help me get all this booze and we’ll see!”
Telvo checks out the chest, tries to open it.
Momo sneaks around the corner to keep an eye on Telvo.
Inside the chest are several thousand gold pieces
Telvo scoops all the gold into the new bag of holding
Momo thinks to Quimby, “Everything going alright on the ship”
Telvo says “Hey Momo, got some moola to fund us for quite awhile, heh”
Momo says “Hm? Oh yes very good thief.”
Telvo ties the bag of holding to his pack, and begins walking back to the group, dragging the empty chest behind him
Momo is clearly distracted by some far off thought.
Momo thinks to the group, “We need to return to the ship. There might be a problem.”
Telvo says, “Here, Gore-Ak” and hands him the manta ray cloak.
Gore-Ak wanders back out with a double-armload of booze and several bags of dry foodstuffs chained together on his back.
Django says “food?”
Telvo says “Gah! A talking rat??”
Gore-Ak looks at the cloak and asks, “For me? Hrm. What’s it do?”
Momo returns to the small boat with a clear sense of urgency.
Telvo says “Where’s snakeface runnin off to?”
Telvo begins hustling towards the dighy, as fast as dragging a large empty chest would allow. “Well I ain’t fixin’ tah get left behind.”
Halla scrapes her fingers along his nose and head. “Soon. When we’re on the boat.” She points to the others already gathering, waiting for her to catch up.
Telvo says “Oi! Help me get this in the boat!”
Momo begins tapping his foot impatiently. Forgetting his calm and peaceful demeanor.
Orin helps Telvo and Gore-Ak with all of their added cargo.
Gore-Ak shrugs and drops his armloads into the boat and hops back over to help Telvo.
Halla hoofs it to the others, and as soon as Gore-Ak puts down his casks, she rifles through looking for something Django and Atreyu can eat.
Telvo says “I’m going to check out that there ship for a rudder. You lot go ahead if you can’t wait, I’ll catch up”
Telvo uses Level 3 Device.
Telvo uses Super Snorkel (3) on Telvo.
Telvo pulls out a strange device that wraps around the front of his face, adjusts his goggles over his eyes and dives into the water.
Gore-Ak spends a minute unchaining the packs of food from around his body, carefully winds his chain back up and tucks it behind his belt, and then starts examining the cloak of mysterious origin. “Someone else can row this time,” is all he says.
Halla says, “Busy,” as she holds up bits of this and that for Django to inspect and/or eat.
Orin begins to row.
Gore-Ak uses Spell Slot (Level 1).
The dinghy glides past Telvo as he dives around the back of the derelict boat, looking for a useable rudder
Gore-Ak mutters a few arcane words under his breath, and for a brief moment his horns flicker as he stares into the weave of the cloak trying to discern any and all of it’s magical qualities.
Telvo , embarassed at not finding a working rudder on the boat, just hangs out under water for a few minutes, slowly breathing through the device. After some time has passed, he swims back to shore, looks for the sturdiest pieces of wood he can find and gather them up. He shoves them into the bag of holding, puts this device away, and stamps his feet on the ground and then clicks them together. Leaping into the air, flames shoot out from his boots and he begins flying back towards the ship.
Telvo uses Level 3 Device.
Telvo uses Jetpack (3, Maintenance).
Telvo comes flying out fo the cave, like Luke after blowing up the Death Star. Except the cave isn’t blowing up. Or on fire. He’s just flying away from it.
As you approach your ship, you see another headed of in the distance, moving away at high speed, flying an unfamiliar flag
Telvo tries to think at Momo, “That flag why you were so worried? Should I try to chase em?”
Momo thinks back, “If you can do it safely, don’t take any unnecessary risks.”
Telvo thinks to Momo again, “Gar, on second thought, don’t think I’ve got enough fuel. We’ll have to see whats happened once we’re back on the ship.”
Gore-Ak watches the dwarf come flying out of the cave as he’s busy shrugging himself into the cloak. “Neat trick,” he says, “Got more of those?”
The sending-stone in Gore-Aks pocket begins to speak. “You took my ship and killed the crew. I’m guessing you killed everyone in the outpost, too. All those people just doing their job. And people think I’m the monster around here”
Momo says “He may have a faster ship. If we can convince him to tell us his location we may be able to make it in time.”
Gore-Ak blinks at the sound coming out of his pocket and pulls both stones out, unsure which one made the noise. “HAMMERHEAD!” he shouts, “I think you mistaken. We burned your ship. We didn’t take it.”
“Semantics. Also, you shouldn’t leave defenseless boys alone on the boat when you are out murdering.”
Momo quickly climbs aboard the ship.
Momo yells “QUIMBY!”
Telvo jumps over the railing, more lithely than one would expect of a dwarf his size
Gore-Ak doesn’t like doing it, but he thinks at the group using Momo’s creepy-link, “I can’t wait to murder this guy.” Then he shouts through the stone, “If the boy’s hurt… well, I don’t care. He’s just some administrator. BUT, I’m gonna kill you, and THAT ship is the one I’m gonna take!”
Telvo runs below-decks, looking for Quimby
Quimby lies in his bunk, very pale and barely breathing.
Telvo shouts out, “Oi! Healer! I needs a healer down here!”
Momo rushhes inn behind Telvo to see Quimby pale and weak.
Gore-Ak scrambles up to the deck of their crappy dead-weight ship and hops over the railing with his shiny new cloak trailing manta-ishly behind him. Not waiting for the ‘captain’ to have an idea of what to do, he shouts, “Archer! Up the mast. Goat! Put your talking rat away and find something useful to do. ‘Captain’, don’t burn that ship down, please, I want it.” Then he paces around the deck waiting for the fight he hopes is coming.
Momo uses Mend Wounds (7) on Quimby.
Quimby is staggered.
Judge [DM] hurts Momo’s Psi Points for 7 damage.
Momo touches Quimby, healing his wounds.
Quimby doesn’t look any better
Telvo says “Let me take another look at him, Momo”
Telvo rolls 16for a Medicine skill check and gets 20.
Momo rolls 9for a Medicine skill check and gets 10.
Momo looks quizzically at the weird human physiology.
Found 0 partial name matche[s] for Telvo.
Momo says “Have you discerned what’s wrong with him?”
Halla rushes aboard, Django and Atreu following. She goes below, clopping loudly on the stairs and manages to find Telvo and Momo looking over the boy. “CAn I help at all?” She waves Django off a bit, hoping he understands that she just wants them to hang back a bit, not go away.
Telvo says “Some kind of curse, methinks, but nuthin’ I ever seen before. Any of you lot able to take care of soemthign like that?”
Mara steps up behind Halla, trying to decide what to do.
Telvo says “Lass, you got somethin? I think he dies if you don’t”
Mara approaches Quimby and places her hands above Quimby, softly chanting as a purple light eminates across the boy.
Mara uses Level 4 Slot on Mara.
Mara uses Remove Curse (Level 3, Touch) on Quimby.
Quimby is staggered.
Judge [DM] heals Quimby for 1 damage.
Mara suddenly takes a step back and a bright flash envelops the room. Quimby appears to be much healthier.
Quimby looks slightly better
Quimby says “Huh?”
Momo uses Mend Wounds (7) on Quimby.
Judge [DM] hurts Momo’s Psi Points for 7 damage.
Momo steps in and immediately heals the poor child.
Mara says “What happened after we left?”
Quimby sits up
Mara wastes no time in questioning the recovering wizard.
Quimby says “you left?”
Quimby says “really?”
Quimby says “You left me here alone? Anything could have happened. As it was I had a crazy terrible dream that I was cursed.”
Momo sits on the bed next ti Quimby and places a creepy, pale hand on his shoulder. “Tell us what happened in the dream Quimby.”
Gore-Ak stomps around on deck, obviously aggitated and itching to stab something. “Orin!” he calls up to the archer, who he really hopes is in the crow’s nest, “See anything?”
Halla rolls 9for a Perception skill check and gets 15.
Quimby says “I don’t remember that well. I just know I was cursed and dying. Why? Dreams aren’t real…”
Orin rolls 13for a Perception skill check and gets 16.
Django rolls 2for a Perception skill check and gets 2.
Momo says “That’s right Quimby, it was all a dream.”
Unrecognized command: /orin sees the other ship just going over the horizon
Momo thinks to Telvo, “Any ideas on how we can steer our ship?”
Telvo says “Alright, I got us some wood. I think I can try to fashion a makeshift rudder.”
Halla hears a noise and looks back into the hall toward her rat companions. It sounded like scratching, so she assumed it was their claws on the deck. She walks into the main room, watching the pair play around the table. No…that wasn’t quite it. She walks around the room as quietly as possible trying to identify the source of the sound.
Telvo says “Gore-Ak would you know anything about rudders? Maybe you can help make sure I get the shape right”
Halla circles the room and finds herself near the stairs to the lowest deck, and the sound is suddenly more amplified. “Uhh…guys?” She waits a moment for a response, not really wanting to find out what was making the scratching sound as everyone was already accounted for.
Mara pokes her head out from Quimby’s room, not wanting to leave him alone after his curse. “What is it?”
Telvo says “Gore-Ak, I’ll draw up me plans and have you check em for accuramacy, that werk for you?”
Gore-Ak mutters at the archer’s signal that nothing new is on the way to stab, and nods at the dwarf appearing from below, “It’s not hard. It’s a shape kinda like this..” he says as he gestures widely with his hands and makes curving motions in the air.
Halla looks Mara directly in the eyes, for once completely serious. “I think there’s something downstairs.”
Telvo says “Short and to the point. I like you more and more, minotaur.”
Telvo heads back below decks to where he’s been working and attempt to make a rudder with the scrap wood he found.
Mara looks back to make sure Quimby is okay, “Momo, he’s fine, we have a problem.”
Player [Stephen] rolls a d20+8 for a 14.
Momo gives Quimby one last check to make sure he was okay before stepping out of the room. “And make sure you get plenty of rest!”
Momo says “Now what’s going on out here?”
Gore-Ak shrugs and stomps over to the spot they tied the dinghy up so he can unload the various goods and booze he found while everyone’s off doing other things.
Halla holds her hand up as Mara gets close. “Stop.”
Halla she listens intently as the sound stops, and then another starts. “Water. It was scratching, and now it’s water.”
Gore-Ak works diligently at moving all the food sacks and beer casks from the little boat to the slightly-not-as-little boat. The sacks he casually tosses from one to the other, but takes great care in making sure all the salvaged pirate booze goes unspilled.
Mara says “Water!? We need to get down there now!”
Halla steps back and gestures at the door. “Age before beauty,” she mutters quietly.
Mara notices Telvo, “Telvo! Check out the hold!”
Momo hears Halla’s remark and remains firmly at the rear of the party.
Gore-Ak finishes unloading the little boat just in time to sit down and have a drink and wonder where in the Nine Hells everyone else is.
Telvo says “Why? What’s wrong with the hold?”
Telvo opens the door and heads down, weapon at the ready…
Coming down the stairs into the lowest cargo hold, you follow the noise of gurgling water in the dim light. A puddle is forming under a crate in the middle of the hold.
Mara peeks after Telvo, “Find anything?”
Telvo clenches his gloved fist and it suddenyl sparks with electrical power. He jumps forward and thrusts his hand into the puddle
Telvo hits the ground with Electrified Glove for 18 damage (2d8+4 electricity and magic).
Telvo scratches his head. “It’s just water. I’ll have it taken care of soon.”
Momo keeps watch in case something tries to scuttle past him.
Halla says, “Is there a leak? Look under the crate.”
Halla rolls 3for a Perception skill check and gets 9.
Mara rolls 11for a Perception skill check and gets 12.
Nothing else looks out of place
Telvo checks under the crate.
Water is pouring into the hold through a hole that’s been neatly bored through the bottom of the boat.
Gore-Ak belches loudly and looks around at all the people not on deck and shouts, “HEY! WHERE IS EVERYONE? IS QUIMBY DEAD?”
Mara says “Oh crap.”
Momo thinks to Gore-Ak, “Quimby is fine, something appears to be happening in the lower part of the boat.”
Gore-Ak twitches at the thinky-talk in his brainspace again and thinks back, “Something like Telvo making that rudder so we can get out of here?”
Halla whips around. “There!” She shouts, and runs to the forward part of the hold looking for the scratching sound she hears again.
Telvo says "grabs a rag, wraps it around his fist and shoves it into the hole. “Oi! Someone got somethin to plug this hole with??”
The noise gets louder as the head of a stone drill pokes up through the floor, then disappears. Water begins pouring in
Telvo says “Mara! In me pack, in the corner, there’s a glass jar with some awful smelling black stuff. Heat it up and bring it to me! I need a brush of some kind too, should be one somewhere in there!”
Mara grabs the jar and begins heating it while walking over to Telvo. “You’re going to have to get creative with the brush..”
Telvo pulls one out of his boot
Telvo rolls 20for a Will save and gets 24.
Halla shouts, “Blood and ashes!” She looks around for something to plug the hole with. “Do we have any…” She thinks back, trying to remember from her childhood what they used to seal the ships. “Tar?”
Gore-Ak grumbles to himself and thinks really hard at the group, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!”
The majority of the leak is staunched, but water stil trickles around the edges
Halla thinks back, “THEY’RE DRILLING HOLES!” It comes across as very panicked.
Momo thinks to Gore-Ak, “We seem to have a leak.”
Gore-Ak finally gets some sort of answer and thinks back, “Drilling holes? Don’t put holes in the boat, you idiots! We’ll sink!”
Telvo says “We should take the fight to them. Out there.”
Halla shouts aloud in a stream of frustrated, incoherent syllables.
Telvo says “I can keep us breathing under the water. But we gotta go NOW, before more holes appear”
Halla yells into the next room, “Guys? GUYS? I COULD USE A HAND HERE.”
Momo thinks of his own self preservation but pauses. “Perhaps we should escape to the dinghy.”
Momo says “Quimby, come topside with me now please.”
Quimby says “Uh, OK?”
Gore-Ak thinks, “Why are you trying to sink and abandon the ship, again? You know we can’t all live on a dinghy, right?”
Telvo runs around looking for more tar. “There’s got to be more here… Ah, here we go. Mara, heat this and take it to Halla. Do what I did here.” Telvo then runs upstairs.
Mara takes the jar and brush and rushes to Halla.
Mara says “What is happening!”
Telvo thinks to everyone "We got bastards dirlling holes in the hull. Meet me on deck and we’ll go take care of them. I’ve got a plan.
Mara begins tarring the hole in the front of the ship.
Telvo briskly marches up to the deck.
Gore-Ak lights up at that and thinks, “Oh, someone else is sinking it. Got ya. I thought it was odd…” and grumbles aloud, “nevermind. I’ll do it.”
Gore-Ak pulls up the hood of his shiny new cloak and jumps off the ship.
Momo says “Now might be a good time to use your mage armor Quiomby. We don’t know what we’ll be facing from here on out.”
Gore-Ak makes a really big splash, ‘cause minotaurs.
Quimby uses Mage Armor (1) on Quimby.
Telvo begins pulling multiple breathing apparatuses out of his pack and handing them to Orin, Momo, Quimby, and Gor… nevermind, not Gore-Ak. He straps one on his face, gestures for the others to do so, Then prompt dives overboard with his weapon in hand.
Telvo uses Level 3 Device.
Telvo uses Super Snorkel (3) on Telvo, Orin, Quimby, Momo.
Halla runs up the stairs, leaving Mara to finish plugging the hold. She stops the next deck up and gathers up Django and Atreyu before hurrying onward and upward.
Gore-Ak floats comfortably bellow the surface, breathing water like it’s no big deal, and peers around under the boat trying to spot whoever’s messing up his stuff.
Gore-Ak rolls 4for a Perception skill check and gets 7.
Telvo tries yelling “We’re a-comin’ for ye, ye mangy lot!” but all that comes out is a lot of bubbles and "Oi! asllaa blbl rlbalalalbl!
Momo thinks to the two underwater, “You can communicate easily, all you have to do is think.”
Gore-Ak thinks, “BEST CLOAK EVER!”
Telvo thinks, “But it ain’t you lot I wanna be cursing at”
Mara finishes patching up the hole in the hold and finds another jar of tar while thinking to the rest of the party, “I’ll stay here in case we get another leak. Lord knows someone has to.”
Around the bottom of the boat, you see 6 Kuo-Toa and 5 Merrow
Gore-Ak keeps trying to spot anything underwater, and thinks, "You don’t? They don’t tell me a damn thing, and then they just start blowing things up. I wanna curse at these people ALL the time.
Entering initiative. Only top creature in the CreatureBar may move.
Round 1 begins.
Momo rolls 19for a Dexterity check and gets 21.
Momo rolls 2for a Dexterity check and gets 4.
Orin rolls 6for a Dexterity check and gets 11.
Mara rolls 20for a Dexterity check and gets 21.
Halla whispers to Django, “Protect yourself, and stay out of the way if you can.”
Django says “Okey doke”
Momo whispers “boom”.
Momo uses Energy Ball (Thunder) (5) on Merrow, Merrow, Merrow, Merrow, Merrow, Kuo-toa, Kuo-toa, Kuo-toa, Kuo-toa, Kuo-toa, Kuo-toa.
Kuo-toa drops.
Kuo-toa drops.
Kuo-toa drops.
Kuo-toa drops.
Kuo-toa drops.
Merrow hits Gore-Ak with Bite for 7 damage (d8+4 piercing).
Merrow hits Gore-Ak with Claws for 12 damage (2d4+4 slashing).
Kuo-toa misses Telvo with Spear (Melee).
Judge [DM] hurts Momo’s Psi Points for 5 damage.
Merrow hits Telvo with Bite for 9 damage (d8+4 piercing).
Merrow misses Telvo with Claws.
Telvo uses Level 1 Device.
Telvo uses Acid Shot (x2) on Kuo-toa, Merrow.
Kuo-toa drops.
Merrow misses Gore-Ak with Bite.
Telvo rolls 20for a Concentration skill check and gets 23.
Merrow hits Gore-Ak with Claws for 11 damage (2d4+4 slashing).
Orin hits Merrow with Dawncaster (150/600) for 12 damage (d8+9 radiant).
Merrow drops.
Orin hits Merrow with Dawncaster (150/600) for 12 damage (d8+9 radiant).
Merrow drops.
Halla runs to the railing and looks out over the water. Orin could clearly see something going on, but she couldn’t figure out what. Of course, Orin seemed to have vision that went through walls, so water was no real barrier for him, or his arrows.
Gore-Ak takes a few blows and glares around, getting very angry.
Gore-Ak uses Rage on Gore-Ak.
Gore-Ak hits Merrow with Spear of Wounding for 7 damage (d6+3 piercing and magic).
Gore-Ak hits Merrow with Spear of Wounding for 9 damage (d6+3 piercing and magic).
Judge [DM] hurts Merrow for 4 damage.
Round 2 begins.
Momo hits Merrow with Thought Spear for 11 damage (2d8+5 psychic).
Merrow drops.
Momo figures the minotaur can help himself.
Mara continues to watch for any new leaks.
Gore-Ak uses Spear Wound on Merrow.
Merrow rolls 10for a Constitution check and gets 12.
Merrow hits Gore-Ak with Bite for 11 damage (d8+4 piercing).
Judge [DM] heals Gore-Ak for 6 damage.
Merrow CRITS Gore-Ak with Claws for 14 damage (2d4+4 slashing).
Judge [DM] heals Gore-Ak for 7 damage.
Telvo hits Merrow with Ice Shot for 13 damage (2d8+4 cold and magic).
Merrow drops.
Orin hits Merrow with Dawncaster (150/600) for 10 damage (d8+9 radiant).
Merrow drops.
Dropping out of initiative. Free movement.
Momo says “We need to move. What direction did the pirates head?”
Orin points towards where he saw them last. “Thattaway.”
Gore-Ak watches a bolt of light kill the last fish-person and just shakes his head. He spends a minute swimming from floating corpse to floating corpse looking for anything worth taking…
Gore-Ak rolls 6for a Investigation skill check and gets 9.
Momo leans against the railing of the deck, his head was pounding.
Gore-Ak finds bits of fish bones, some seaweed and a stone drill
Momo says “I think I need to lay down.”
Gore-Ak snatches up a stone drill from one of the bodies and brings it with him. When he emerges from the briny depths, he has some seaweed clinging to his horns and a few open wounds, but doesn’t seem entirely concerned about either. “Here,” he says tossing the drill to Telvo before sitting down for another drink.
Quimby says “wow. They were drilling holes in the ship? Are we sinking ?”
Telvo says “We won’t be for long. Just need a bit o’ peace and I think I can get this ship working good as new. Won’t LOOK good as new, but should work damn near enough.”
Mara looks at Quimby with a remorseful glint in her eye and thinks maybe it would have been for the best to let the curse take him.
Mara says “Just get us back on course Telvo. We have a pirate base to raid.”
Quimby says “And a ring to recover? Remember? Prince of Evil Elemental Air? Wreaking havoc on the countryside?”
Quimby says “We are already way bhind schedule.”
Mara says “We need a faster ship Quimby. I bet the pirates wil have just what we’re looking for.”
Gore-Ak idly wonders, perhaps too loudly and to everyone else, if his water breathing cloak would let him breath beer and get drunker faster… He decides to try it sometime when he’s not bleeding all over the deck.
Telvo checks to make sure the tar patches are holding up for now. He applies a bit more oft he stuff to make sure. Then he sets about making the repairs he had finally finished planning
Mara says “Now might be a good time to get some rest.”
Telvo uses Automaton (1R).
Telvo makes a LOT of noise downstairs, usually followed by lots of cursing, but eventually he rigs up the valves and pumps he wanted to install. His friendly robot Bender helps him out, and once the pumps are installed he sets Bender to keep them running as needed, while Telvo finishes rigging together something that looks like it might have once been a rudder, before a giant shark chewed it up and spat it out. But it should work until they coudl find a port and make proper repairs.
Mara idly fantasizes about setting this ship on fire when they “aqcuire” a bigger, faster ship.
Telvo carries the rudder upstairs, chucks it over board, reapplies his water breather and jumps in, setting to work installing the piece
Quimby twiddles his thumbs
Quimby says “I can keep watch. I slept all day…”
Mara says “I’m retiring to my room. Do not disturb your captain while she gets her beauty sleep!”
Orin nods as he climbs up to the Crow’s Nest anyway.
Gore-Ak grunts, “beer good. Make the pains not hurt. Gore-Ak…” and passes out drunk against the wall outside of the “captain’s” quarters…
Telvo gets the new rudder attached and retires to his bunk for a much needed rest while Quimby steers the ship



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