Session 40 - You ARE the brute squad!

When we left off last week, you guys had gotten lost in the mines for a while, discovered a door, and found out that it’s stuck. As Kairon goes to insert the picks in the lock, he realizes that there is no lock, the door is just stuck
Kairon takes a couple steps back, and then runs at the door, slamming his full weight into it.
Kairon rolls 6for a Strength check and gets 5.
[DM] says: 1d6 bludgeoning damage
Player [Dustin] rolls a d6 for a 5.
Judge [DM] hurts Kairon for 5 damage.
Mara watches as the door bounces Kairon back. “One more time! One more time! I’m sure you loosened it.”
Kairon picks himself up off the floor and dusts himself off. “Well, anyone else have an idea?”
Mara says “Harwood? You wanna give it a go?”
Harwood says “A hardy headbutt from a cleric might do the trick.”
Harwood says “Or perhaps I should just try bashing it down.”
Harwood slams his weight against the door.
Harwood rolls 6for a Strength check and gets 9.
Orin walks up and puts his hands on Harwood’s back. “I’ll help”
[DM] says: advantage
Harwood says “Teamwork it is!”
Harwood rolls 20for a Strength check and gets 23.
Orin yells “GRUNT!”
The door breaks off it’s hinges and flys into the room
Mara says “Woohoo!”
Harwood says “Welp.”
This barrel-vaulted chamber is obviously an ancient crypt. Niches along the walls hold dozens of old skeletons, some with scraps of burial cloth still clinging to their bones. In the back corner of the room is a large flat-topped stone, bearing a cake alight with innumerable candles. Several gold-masked monks and a single priest stand around the table singing, while a rather recognizable bard plays dejectedly on a lute.
Torin says "sings, slowly and with very little insipration, “Happy Birthday… to you. Happy….. Birthday…. to… KAIRON IS THAT YOU??”"
[Dustin] says: That’s like….Rule #97 of D&D. “Never trust the bard.”
Torin calls out, “HELP ME KAIRON YOU’RE MY ONLY H—” before he gets swiftly smacked by the monk next to him.
Mara says “You guys know this guy?”
Mephisobeth yells “INTRUDERS!”
Kairon says “Torin! How’ve you been? Where’s your new druid-friend?”
Harwood says “Still time to blow out your candles and make a wish.”
Mephisobeth says “Kill them”
Mara says “No don’t”
Kairon says “Torin! Duck!”
Torin attempts to dive away, knowing full well what is likely to happen when Kairon says “Duck”.
Kairon uses Fireball (Level 3, 150’, 20’ Radius) on Sacred Stone Monk, Sacred Stone Monk, Sacred Stone Monk, Sacred Stone Monk, Misc, Torin, Mephisobeth.
Sacred Stone Monk drops.
Sacred Stone Monk drops.
Sacred Stone Monk drops.
The Cake drops.
[Dustin] says: Nooooo! I killed the cake!
[Mara] says: You killed the birthday cake :(
Harwood says “I was going to eat that.”
[Mara] says: Maybe theres an extra one in the back room
[DM] says: we were supposed to save some for Chad
Halla looks almost excited to know the Bard is here. She’d always liked him so much better than Kairon.
Harwood Cries a single tear for a lost cake.
Entering initiative. Only top creature in the CreatureBar may move.
Round 1 begins.
Orin hits Mephisobeth with Longbow (150/600) for 8 damage (d8+5 piercing).
Kairon hits Sacred Stone Monk with Fire Bolt (120 ft) for 15 damage (2d10 fire).
Sacred Stone Monk drops.
Mephisobeth uses Level 3 Slot.
Player [Dustin] rolls a d20 for a 7.
Mephisobeth uses Earth Tremor (Level 3, 10’ Radius Close Blast) on Fred, Rodrigo, Mara.
Torin raises a hand, in which is a small growing ball of flame, his clothes still smoking from his old friend’s own fiery attack. “I’ve picked up a similar trick!” he exclaims as the fire leaps from his hand toward Mephisobeth.
Torin hits Mephisobeth with Produce Flame for 10 damage (2d8 fire).
Mephisobeth drops.
Dropping out of initiative. Free movement.
Harwood says “Doesn’t seem like a betrayal.”
Harwood says “Let me heal your burns Bard.”
Halla rushes into the room and heads for Torin, meaning to heal him as best she can. She glares at Harwood’s back and stares at him as he gets there first.
Harwood uses Cure Wounds (Level 2, Touch) on Torin.
Torin says “Thank you, sir! That sorcerer sure has picked up quite a bit of… firepower… since i last saw him!”"
Kairon says “No punning!”
Torin says “Halla, Orin, such a pleasure to see you twoo again! Man, you all are such a sight for sore eyes.”"
Harwood says “I meant no disrespect my friend. Just trying to help this poor fellow. Torin was it?”
Harwood uses Healing Word (Level 2, 60’) on Torin.
Torin says “Yes, Torin! Master of music, purveyor of poetry, and more recently flinger of fire! At your service!”
Halla asks, “How are you here, Torin?”
Torin says “I have certainly see better days! They kept making me sing the birthday song!”
Torin shudders with the memory
Harwood says “How long… Have you been here?”
Torin says “I have no idea… but it’s been awhile. I assume you all are the ones causing problems for these cults? I should’ve known it was you guys…”
Torin says “What are you all doing here? Do you have time to hear a tale? This one’s quite a doozy.”
Harwood says “A short rest might do us good.”
Kairon says “Is this going to be a useful story, or another of your rambling tales with no point?”
Torin smiles at the tiefling. “It is a heroic tale of the noble deeds of the humble troubadour who stands before you, nothing more and nothing less. I believe you will find some of the information useful.”
Kairon sighs and mutters the word “rambling” to himself, before taking a seat against the wall.
Mara says "Oh lighten up Kairon. Maybe it’ll be an exciting story. "
Torin says “Gather round, friends, while I spin you the tale of how I came to be in this awful place! ~”
Mara uses Hit Die on Mara.
Torin says “Here I was, wondering through a small town – Reidoth and I had parted ways a few days earlier, our adventure having come to an end. Suddenly, a group of Air Cultists flew into the town, riding on GAITN VULTURES! They came directly up to me and told me that my old adventuring friends had better mind their own business”
Mara murmurs “lot of good that did them.”
Torin says “But you know me, I make friends everywhere I go! I had NO idea who that might have been talking about.”
Torin says "continues on: “Then they cast some sort of spell on me and dropped a Devastation Sphere onto the ground. They jumped back on their vultures and fled away!”"
Torin says “So in my humility, I did the only thing I could do! I grabbed the sphere to carry it out of town, but after only a few steps I saw a brilliant flash, and when I could see again, everyone in town was DEAD! I was the only one remaining alive!”
Torin says “I wondered aimlessly for a few days, with no idea where I could go, what I could do… and eventually these Earth cultists caught up with me and brought me here. ~”
Harwood says “And you’ve been singing happy birthday ever since?”
Torin says “Apparently my musical ability has developed quite a demand in this area, because they wanted me for no other thing than to sing to them! And apparently Mephy here has a birthday every single day, because I’ve been singing for the same man ever since!”
Harwood says “According to the ancient scriptures of Lathander, That’s the very punishment administered in the Nine Hells themselves!”
Kairon says “Well, I’m sure Tiamat regrets whatever it was she did then.”
Harwood says “Where am I!? Have I been transported to Asmodeus’ realm without my knowledge?”
Harwood screams in confused fear.
Harwood says “AAAAAAHHHH!”
Torin says “Certainly not, good priest! Let us leave this horrible place posthaste!”
Harwood says “I nearly soiled my armor!”
Harwood slowly steps back from the party.
Harwood says “I shan’t be tricked by you devils in human skin!”
Mara raises an eyebrow and watches Harwood leave the room. “I knew we’d drive someone crazy eventually.”
Harwood removes all of his clothes.
Harwood says “They’re all tainted by evil!”
Harwood says “It’s no one’s birthday!”
Harwood runs out of the room.
Mara says “Oh god. that was not something I needed to see.”
Kairon says “I would like it noted for the histories that I did nothing to him.”
Bruldenthar says “That was.. interesting”
Bruldenthar says “I could stand to see a little more, though.”
[Halla] says: snickers
Kairon uses Hit Die on Kairon.
Torin uses Song of Rest on Kairon, Orin.
Torin uses Hit Die on Torin.
Judge [DM] heals Mara for 2 damage.
Bruldenthar says “Rundorth and Teresiel were taken below.”
Kairon heaves himself to his feet and wanders towards the other door.
Torin says “Civilians that need saving? Onward fellow adventurers, let us strike forth and perform noble deeds!”
Mara walks over to a couple of the crypts to check them out, but doesn’t get far before everyone else starts moving and she has to turn around to join the party.
Torin says “Stand back, Kairon! I will remedy this situation!”
Torin says “Open up you stupid door!”
Torin uses Vicious Mockery (60’).
Torin says “Curses! Foiled again!”
Torin says “I’ve been mocking this day for days, trying to get it open!”
Kairon blinks and stares at Torin, wondering if his imprisonment had driven him insane.
Mara says "it was all the singing. Made your voice a little raspy. I’m sure it’ll come back. "
Torin says “Excuse me young girl! My voice is fine! And what exactly do YOU contribute to this band of noble adventurers?”
Mara says “against my better judgement I will not light you on fire”
Halla chuckles. She knew there was a reason she liked him.
Kairon grins and claps Mara on the shoulder. “Knew there was a reason I liked you.”
Torin says “I do enjoy not being on fire.”
Mara says “I figured. Haven’t met anyone yet who does. Orin will tolerate it though, which comes in handy.”
Orin says “Hey!”
Mara holds up her hands in defense, and says to Orin, “As long as I warn him first.”
Torin says “Well if Orin likes you, then you must be alright! What do you call yourself my lady?”
Mara raises an eyebrow at Torin and smiles at the acceptance. “Mara.”
Torin says “Excellent! Now, how exactly are we going to bypass this most solid of obstacles?” as he gestures at the door.
Mara says “Kairon could head butt it again.”
Kairon mutters something that sounds vaguely like “head” and “buttering ram”.
Orin says “Teamwork!”
Orin says “Perserverance!”
Bruldenthar says “Honoration!”
Orin says “Unfailing enthusiasm!”
Bruldenthar says “Justitude!”
Orin looks at Bruldenthar. “Are you mocking me?”
Bruldenthar says “For Memory Loss!”, pulls out an oversized flask and drains it.
Orin says “I shoot things larger than you from my bow!”
Orin says “Now, the door.”
Mara says "alright. if no one else is going to try, Rodrigo, Slam the door! "
Player [Mara] rolls a d20 for a 9.
[Mara] says: plus 1 is 10
The door squeaks slowly open.
Mara says "And that’s how you do it boys. none of the hard work, all of the benefits. "
As you enter the hall, you hear a large creature growling from behind the door at the other end.
Mara says “Shall we?”
you hear an answering humanoid sounding roar
Torin says “Onward!”
Mara says "Rodrigo, the door please. "
Rodrigo pushes the door open
The floor of this large chamber, scattered with the bodies of slain warriors, consists of loose red earth. Attached by a long chain to a column of natural stone near the middle of the room is a 9-foot tall half-naked man. A row of sturdy iron bars with a sliding cage door (currently shut) walls off the western portion of the room. A door of iron plate stands in the western wall behind the iron bars, while a similar door exits to the east. To the south, a wide set of stairs leads up.
Behind the iron bars stands a monstrous creature that resembles a cross between a huge ape and a beetle. It has wicked mandibles, powerful claws, and four eye sockets, but two of its eyes have been put out, and its claws are bronze blades. The creature bellows and thrashes in rage, constantly testing the bars and clawing at the walls.
Ro-Kai looks at the newcomers with wild glee.
Ro-Kai says “Ah! You’ve come to help me slay the beast!”
Kairon raises an eyebrow. “You’re not the beast?”
Mara looks the man up and down. “YOU need help?”
Entering initiative. Only top creature in the CreatureBar may move.
Round 1 begins.
Ro-Kai says "Perhaps you can all stand back and watch me slay this monster. "
Ro-Kai says “I don’t wish you women and children any harm.”
Torin says “Great warrior! I will tell the tale of your deeds this day!”
Mara uses Level 2 Slot.
Mara uses Burning Hands (Level 2, 15’ cone) on Umber Hulk.
Ro-Kai says “Haha! I like those who charge headfirst into battle!”
Mara grumbles and stomps her way up to the monster, standin right in front of the giant. “Torin, you wanted to see what I do?” she rubs her hands together warming them up, then aims them at the beast. Fire shoots from her hands and envelopes the creature. It didn’t seem to hurt it much, but fire still shot out of her hands, and she figured that was pretty impressive on its own.
Torin says “Greatm exactly what we needed! Another liability!”
[DM] says: I’m a hobbit
Halla uses Level 3 Spell Slot on Halla.
Halla uses Moonbeam Damage (Level 3) on Umber Hulk.
Torin says “Ugly monster you so ugly!”
Torin uses Vicious Mockery (60’) on Umber Hulk.
Ro-Kai says “That was cruel!”
Kairon blinks, seeing the creature barely phased by Mara’s fire blast. With a shrug, he uses the one spell he’d been holding in reserve. “All right big guy, it’s all up to you now.”
Kairon uses Level 3 Spell Slot.
Kairon uses Haste (Level 3, 30’, Concentration) on Ro-Kai.
Ro-Kai says “You’re not ugly to me big guy.”
Ro-Kai uses Reckless Attack on Ro-Kai.
Ro-Kai uses Rage (Self) on Ro-Kai.
Ro-Kai says “I will beat you to death out of love.”
Ro-Kai hits Umber Hulk with Greataxe (Rage) for 16 damage (d12+6 slashing).
Ro-Kai hits Umber Hulk with Greataxe (Rage) for 9 damage (d12+6 slashing).
Ro-Kai hits Umber Hulk with Greataxe (Rage) for 8 damage (d12+6 slashing).
Mara stares in awe as a single punch from the giant in front of her made the beast sway back and forth. “So… don’t want to get on your bad side. Got it.”
Halla uses Moonbeam Damage (Level 3) on Umber Hulk.
Umber Hulk says “Rawr!”
Umber Hulk uses Confusing Gaze.
Mara rolls 14for a Charisma Save skill check and gets 15.
Ro-Kai rolls 18for a Charisma check and gets 18.
Umber Hulk hits Ro-Kai with Claw (2x, Multiattack) for 13 damage (d8+5 slashing).
Umber Hulk hits Ro-Kai with Claw (2x, Multiattack) for 7 damage (d8+5 slashing).
Umber Hulk misses Ro-Kai with Mandibles (Multiattack).
Round 2 begins.
Ro-Kai says “Burn us both you fearless mages!”
Bruldenthar peeks through the door at the fighting
Mara uses Level 2 Slot.
Mara uses Magic Missile 4x (Level 2) on Umber Hulk.
Mara uses Magic Missile 4x (Level 2) on Umber Hulk.
Mara uses Magic Missile 5x (Level 3) on Umber Hulk.
Mara uses Magic Missile 4x (Level 2) on Umber Hulk.
Rodrigo hits Umber Hulk with slam for 3 damage (d6+1 bludgeoning).
Fred misses Umber Hulk with unarmed attack.
Fred says “mooooaaannnn”
Orin inspects his arrows
Halla uses Wild Shape on Halla.
Bear (Halla) misses Umber Hulk with Bite (5’ Reach).
Bear (Halla) hits Umber Hulk with Claw (5’ Reach) for 9 damage (d8+4 bludgeoning).
Umber Hulk drops.
Dropping out of initiative. Free movement.
Ro-Kai says “I was hoping to land the killing blow against the beast!”
Ro-Kai says “But that was a good showing from all. Thank you for the help friends.”
Bear (Halla) shivers back into her natural form. “Sorry?” she grunts.
Ro-Kai says “Tell me, what is your purpose here?”
Ro-Kai says “begins cutting one of the Umber Hulks mandibles from its body with his axe.”
Bruldenthar says “Wow, that was impressive, you guys”
Ro-Kai flexes
Orin says “Nice loincloth”
Ro-Kai says "I let them capture me in hopes of acquiring some intel on a bounty I’m after. Unfortunately they were the wrong cult! "
Ro-Kai guffaws loudly
Torin says “Bounty? You hunt people?”
Ro-Kai says "I hunt anything. "
Ro-Kai says "People, treasure, victory. "
Ro-Kai says “Today it seems to be glory.”
Torin says “And what does such a noble hunter call himself?”
Ro-Kai says “I am Ro-Kai.”
Ro-Kai says “But I am no noble.”
Kairon says “Well, Rocky, we’re hunting some people ourselves.”
Ro-Kai Laughs with gusto.
Torin says “Oh mighty Ro-Kai, whose strikes rocked this beast to its very core, I am Torin! Master of music, purveyor of poetry, teller of tales, and instituter of insults!! …I need to work on that last one… These are my companions, who have but just recently rescued me from the evil clutches of my earthen captors!”
Ro-Kai says “You small people have such funny ways. I’m down here as it is, I’ll accompany you.”
Ro-Kai says “You sound like you have some stories to tell! I have a few myself. Let’s share them over a drink after we get out of this place.”
Ro-Kai says “Speaking of, what exactly are you hunting here?”
Mara says "not so much hunting as tracking. Looking for some members of a delegation that got snatched up a couple of weeks ago. "
Bruldenthar says “my colleagues”
Ro-Kai says “Hmm. I’m afraid I was a bit distracted with our recently deceased friend here. I haven’t noticed anything like that.”
Bruldenthar says “I have reason to believe that all the elemental cults are forming an informal collusion for the detriment of all the material plane!”
Mara stares at Bruldenthar. “Why didn’t you say something about that sooner???”
Bruldenthar looks at his feet. “I thought I did, sorry”
Ro-Kai says “Let the child be at peace! They often forget important details.”
Bruldenthar says “I’m 125 years old!”
Ro-Kai Pats the dwarf on his head.
Bruldenthar sputters
Ro-Kai says “Of course you are.”
Bruldenthar says “Whatever”
Kairon chuckles.
Mara scrunches up her nose, and resists the urge to argue, not wanting to be on the receiving end of one of his punches.
Ro-Kai says “Perhaps in the commotion you may not have noticed, but I am in fact chained to the pillar here.”
Ro-Kai says “If you would give me a moment I’m sure I can break the chain.”
Torin says “Not a problem! I shall deal it!”
Torin says “Break you stupid chain!”
Torin uses Vicious Mockery (60’).
Ro-Kai says “The chain has done nothing to invite your ire!”
Ro-Kai pats the chain lightly. “There there”.
Torin says “I really thought that would work…”
The insult has no effect on the chain
Ro-Kai whispers “You’re the smartest chain in the class.”
Ro-Kai attempts to tear the chain apart with his bare hands.
Ro-Kai rolls 9for a Strength check and gets 13.
[DM] says: nope
Ro-Kai says “Perhaps I am a bit weary from the battle.”
Mara says "Oh my god. You guys do everything the hard way. "
Kairon says “I shall melt your chains, friend!”
Mara uses Prestidigitation.
Ro-Kai says “Hold!”
Mara ~
Ro-Kai says “Allow me to test my might once more.”
Torin says “Kairon! Melter of hearts, bards, and all things flammable!”
Ro-Kai rolls 18for a Strength check and gets 22.
Ro-Kai tears the chain apart with his unrivalled strength.
Ro-Kai says “Aha! I just needed a warm-up is all.”
Mara grumbles something about “if they would only listen” and “Saving strength” as a pair of chain cutters appear in her hands. She drops them to the ground and they disappear.
Ro-Kai says “That may have been easier, but my way makes for a better story!”
Bruldenthar says “Now that the jolly green giant is free, should we head below?”
Ro-Kai glares menacingly towards the dwarf.
Ro-Kai says “I am not green.”
Mara giggles at the new nickname.
Bruldenthar takes no notice because he can’t see that high.
Ro-Kai lifts the dwarf to eye level.
Bruldenthar says “ooh, glare”
Torin says “Shall we be on our way?”
Mara can’t help but laugh out loud. She was starting to really like the dwarf.
Ro-Kai laughs with such force as to blow the dwarf’s beard back. Then sets the dwarf down. “You’re not bad at all child!”
Bruldenthar holds out his flask. “Truce?”
Ro-Kai drinks the entire flask. “Truce.”
Bruldenthar takes the flask back and stares at its empty depths.
Ro-Kai says “I did hear mention of something happening down below.”
Ro-Kai says “But I am more than a little curious what it was this beast was guarding. If anything.”
Torin says “How do we get there though? These stairs here appear to go back up.”
Torin pats the dwarf on the back. “Don’t worry buddy. I’ve got a few bottles of brandy in my bag.”
Ro-Kai says “Surely you haven’t had enough to drink to be patting your own back!”
Ro-Kai pats the dwarf’s back. “Allow me”.
Bruldenthar says “thanks”
Bruldenthar says “I think”
Ro-Kai says “Now to smash through this door!”
Ro-Kai rolls 13for a Strength check and gets 17.
Ro-Kai Pushes his weight against the heavy door.
The door dents but doesn’t break
Orin says “I have keys…”
Mara says “did you try pulling?”
Ro-Kai says “Perhaps this once..”
Orin rifles through the keyring, finds a key and inserts it into the door. snikt
Orin pulls the door open. “After you…”
Kairon rolls 14for a Will save and gets 14.
Kairon rolls 6for a Will save and gets 6.
The passage leads to a gate made of iron bars that blocks the way north, secured with a chain and padlock. Just beyond the gate, worn stone steps descend and turn left. This is no mine tunnel; the stonework is near-perfect despite its evident age.
Bruldenthar yells “OOOOH!”
Bruldenthar says “Dwarven handiwork!”
Ro-Kai says “I’ve heard much about these dwarves! I’ve still yet to meet one sadly.”
Ro-Kai says “They have fine handiwork indeed.”
Bruldenthar pokes Ro-Kai. “Hey”
Bruldenthar points at himself, “Dwarf”
Ro-Kai says “Yes child. I was speaking of dwarves. Good ears!”
Bruldenthar sighs.
Torin says “Orin, think you can open this gate too?”
Orin looks at Kairon and Halla. “Are you coming?”
Orin finds another key and removes the padlock and chain.
Orin pushes the bars out of the way.
Orin says “Look Halla, stairs”
Orin says “meat shields first?”
Ro-Kai says “I’ve always been fond of stairs. A great place to fight.”
Orin says “And more stairs”
Bruldenthar admires the stonework as he descends the stairs
Ro-Kai says “Perhaps you should stay to the rear child. It might get dangerous.”
The passage leads to a subterranean chasm spanned by a zigzagging, ten-foot-wide stone bridge without railings. The bridge links tunnels leading north and south. The chasm floor is fifty feet below the bridge and consists of a jumbled mass of boulders. To the west, the chasm narrows and continues for some distance.
Entering initiative. Only top creature in the CreatureBar may move.
Round 1 begins.
As you cross the bridge you hear a screech from the walls and several gargoyles launch themselves at you.
Ro-Kai uses Tattoo of Haunting (Self, 30’ Radius) on Gargoyle, Gargoyle.
Rodrigo says “Mmmmmmasterrrrrr”
Mara uses Level 1 Slot.
Mara uses Magic Missile 3x (Level 1) on Gargoyle.
Mara uses Magic Missile 3x (Level 1) on Gargoyle.
Mara uses Magic Missile 4x (Level 2) on Gargoyle.
Mara raises an eyebrow at Torin. “And you called me a liability.”
Torin uses Produce Flame (Self) on Torin.
Torin hits Gargoyle with Produce Flame for 8 damage (2d8 fire).
Gargoyle cowers in fear of Ro-kai
Gargoyle rolls 11for a Wisdom check and gets 11.
Gargoyle hits Torin with Bite (Multiattack) for 8 damage (d6+2 piercing).
Gargoyle CRITS Torin with Claw (Multiattack) for 8 damage (d6+2 slashing).
Gargoyle rakes the bard with a claw, then sinks his teeth into him
Gargoyle also cowers in fear
Gargoyle rolls 20for a Wisdom check and gets 20.
Gargoyle shakes his hear and glares at Ro-Kai
Round 2 begins.
Kairon hits Gargoyle with Ray of Frost (60 ft) for 3 damage (2d6 bludgeoning).
Ro-Kai uses Tattoo of Haunting (Self, 30’ Radius) on Gargoyle, Gargoyle, Gargoyle.
Mara uses Level 1 Slot.
Mara hits Gargoyle with Witch Bolt (Level 1) for 4 damage (d12 electricity).
Halla misses Gargoyle with Thorn Whip (30 ft).
Torin uses Produce Flame (Self).
Torin misses Gargoyle with Produce Flame.
Gargoyle hits Torin with Claw (Multiattack) for 8 damage (d6+2 slashing).
Orin says “magical weapons only?”
Orin uses Magic Arrow.
Orin hits Gargoyle with Longbow (150/600) for 7 damage (d8+5 piercing).
Mara says “Lets hope we get out of here soon then, because I’m fresh out of spells.”
Orin uses Magic Arrow.
Orin CRITS Gargoyle with Longbow (150/600) for 13 damage (d8+5 piercing).
Orin says “Don’t lose the corpse, I need those arrows!”
Gargoyle shivers
Gargoyle rolls 1for a Wisdom check and gets 1.
Ro-Kai yells “FEAR ME!”
Gargoyle misses Ro-Kai with Bite (Multiattack).
Ro-Kai laughs.
Gargoyle hits Ro-Kai with Claw (Multiattack) for 3 damage (d6+2 slashing).
Gargoyle rolls 7for a Wisdom check and gets 7.
Round 3 begins.
Gargoyle rolls 17for a Wisdom check and gets 17.
Gargoyle avoids Ro-Kai and heads for Kairon
Kairon hits Gargoyle with Chill Touch (120’) for 10 damage (2d8 necrotic).
Ro-Kai hits Gargoyle with Greataxe for 9 damage (d12+4 slashing).
Ro-Kai hits Gargoyle with Greataxe for 10 damage (d12+4 slashing).
Judge [DM] heals Gargoyle for 8 damage.
Bruldenthar says “Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!”
Mara hits Gargoyle with Scythe for 0 damage (2d4-1 slashing).
Judge [DM] hurts Gargoyle for 1 damage.
Halla hits Gargoyle with Thorn Whip (30 ft) for 0 damage (d6 piercing).
Player [Dustin] rolls a d6 for a 3.
Judge [DM] hurts Gargoyle for 3 damage.
Torin uses Level 2 Slot.
Torin uses Dissonant Whispers (Level 2, 60’) on Gargoyle.
Orin uses Magic Arrow.
Orin CRITS Gargoyle with Longbow (150/600) for 13 damage (d8+5 piercing).
Gargoyle drops.
Orin runs forward and retrieves his magic arrows
Gargoyle rolls 7for a Wisdom check and gets 7.
Gargoyle says “drat”
Gargoyle rolls 19for a Wisdom check and gets 19.
Gargoyle says “Ha!”
Gargoyle misses Kairon with Bite (Multiattack).
Ro-Kai says “Come for me Gargoyle. I will show you the meaning of fear!”
Gargoyle hits Kairon with Claw (Multiattack) for 4 damage (d6+2 slashing).
Round 4 begins.



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