Session 19 - Research and Developments

Last week, you met a few new friends, fought some leechticks and all headed to Waterdeep
Audubon led you all to Helm’s Hall, where Father Denes gave you rooms for the night
Now the sun is rising and you can hear movement around the temple
Orin stretches
Father Denes moves 25’.
Father Denes says “Rise and shine!”
Audubon moves 15’.
Audubon bows to Father Denes.
Bran moves 15’.
Orin moves 15’.
Bran says “Good morning Father!”
Carric moves 10’.
Father Denes says "Greeting everyone. Breakfast? "
Father Denes leads you down the hall into the kitchen
Bran nods in greeting to the other people in the breakfast hall
Bran walks up to his companions, “Good morning everyone, I hope you rested as well as I did.”
Audubon slowly walks down the hall to the kitchen, grabs a plate and sits at a table with some of the younger orphans.
Father Denes says “These our our current residents. Erin, Mera, Yeny, and Treng.”
Alard mumbles, “always forgets me, I’ll show him someday”
Father Denes says “Stop mumbling Alard. I was going to introduce you separately. You can show the group around.”
Orin picks up a few things and on a plate and heads to and stands next to the table “thank you father”
[Rosi] says: Halla wanders after the others, in desperate need of coffee.
Audubon claps a hand on Alard’s shoulder, and gives it a gentle squeeze.
[Rosi] says: bah
Halla wanders after the others, in desperate need of coffee.
Carric collects some breakfast and begins to eat hungrily
Father Denes says “We are not as busy as we were in your time Audubon. There don’t seem to be as many children in need anymore. I’m hoping that’s a good thing.”
Father Denes says “So what are your plans in Waterdeep?”
Father Denes looks around at the group
Audubon looks slowly around the kitchen, taking in the looks of the children. He nods thoughtfully, then goes back to eating.
Bran says "takes a small portion of food and sits down. “I’m not sure about Audubon, but the rest of us are looking for some advice on arcane matters.”"
Halla shuffles about the kitchen fixing herself food and drink before shambling to a seat and conducting her morning in silence until she was sufficiently awake to be a decent person.
Father Denes says “Do you have someone in mind for you advice?”
Bran says “Not a clue!”
Bran says “But I figured it couldn’t be difficult to find someone of the wizardly sort in the great city of Waterdeep, so here I am”
Father Denes smiles at Bran. “If I were in your position, I would try either the Watchful Order, or Blackstaff Tower.”
Bran says “The Watchful Order? Are they associated with the military?”
Orin says “are both helpful to outsiders and he scoops another forkful of soggy egg into his mouth”
Father Denes says “Yes. The Watchful Order is concerened with regulating magic, and as such they know most of what’s going on in Waterdeep. Unless your activity is illicit, they should be helpful”"
Father Denes says “The mages at Blackstaff Tower are more skilled but may be harder to get in to see”
Orin says “the druid did say it would take a great mage, maybe Blackstaff is the way to go?”
Audubon walks around the room, collecting empty plates and begins cleaning them.
Audubon moves 20’.
Bran says “What would take a great mage Orin?”
Orin says “Repairing the orb, sorry I thought I mentioned that earlier”
Bran says “Orb?? What orb?”
[Stephen] says: Bran wasn’t with you guys before, he actually has no idea what anyone of you guys have done, other than effing up the Redbrands
[Dustin] says: same for Audubon
[Orin] says: I thought some of it was dicussed last week sorry, I read the log but thought I read where it was mentioned must’ve just been in my head
[DM] says: no, actually it was avoided. Carric was being cagey
[DM] says: safeley quiet with the newcomers
Orin says "The orb of Thundertree, it was damaged and caused a whole lot of trouble, we were able to find it but now it will take a great wizard to repair so that we can lift the curse of Thundertree once and for all "
[Stephen] says: Bran saud he was searching for info about the VOluge
Bran says “Do you have this orb with you?”
[Orin] says: yeah Orin is tell the truth to a fault uncagey
[DM] says: he and Bran should get along great
[Stephen] says: haha yeah
[Stephen] says: i was just gonna say the same
Treng says “May I be excused, Father?”
Father Denes nods
Treng gets up and quietly leaves the kitchen, casting backwords glances at the adventurers
Orin says “I think we still have it, Carric?”
Audubon finishes cleaning off the plates, and returns to the tables.
Carric says “yes, here it is”
Carric removes the orb from his bag
Bran says “That’s… that’s the artifact!”
Orin sees the look caric is giving him and shrugs
Everything goes dark
Erin says “Aaah!”
Carric quickly replaces it
Bran says “The one the attackers were after!”
Carric says “oops forgot about that trick”
Orin says “oh yeah and it does that”
Bran says “You’ve had it all this time??”
Carric says “yes, we’ve had it for a while”
Bran says “What…what… what else does it do? Why would they go after something that just turns the room dark?”
[DM] says: if only Kairon was here to demonstrate…
[DM] says: you’d all be rolling for damage
[Stephen] says: would Bran know where Thundertree is? or at least have heard of it?
[Dustin] says: Helm’s Hall would probably appreciate not being on fire.
Orin says “it eats magic and because it’s damaged it corrupts it? we’re not really sure what it does, hence the great and powerful mage to fix it”
[DM] says: yep, what happened to Thundertree (ash zombies) is pretty common knowledge around Neverwinter
[Dustin] says: But we’re in Waterdeep ;)
[DM] says: Bran is from Neverwinter
Bran says "says “Torm has smiled upon me this day.” He laughs incredulously to himself. “You said it was in Thundertree all this time?”
[Dustin] says: yah, well…..his city blew up.
[Stephen] says: gah, i hit say again instead of do
[DM] says: you using the keystroke shortcuts?
Orin says “yes, why do you ask?”
Bran says “Many good men died protecting information about that object.”
Bran gets real quiet. “My friends…”
Father Denes says “So you’re looking for someone to fix this, device?”
Bran says “Father Denes. Has word yet reached Waterdeep about the attack on Oghma’s temple in Neverwinter?”
Father Denes says “No, I haven’t heard anything, but I don’t pay much attention to news outside the temple”
Orin says “I would hate for anymore to die because they were keeping something from me about what corrupted my home. Do you have information about the orb?”
Bran says “Unfortunately, no, we know very little about it. The cultists either destroyed or stole most of what we had regarding the Voluge. Until now, I really only knew it’s name and a vague idea of what it looked like.”
Father Denes says “It sounds like the Gods have brought you together for a larger purpose.”
Bran says “I am inclined to agree with you, Father. Helm and Torm have brought their faithful together, it seems.”
Bran says “So my new quest is to protect the orb from falling into the wrong hands. Tell me companions, what are your plans after the orb has been ‘fixed’?”"
Orin says “To take it back to Thundertree to remove the curse that has befallen it. That was our understanding.”
[Orin] says: i think anyway that’s what druid so and so said right? i’m in the dark and i can’t read my notes, you’d think i’d just type them into the computer i’m currently on
[DM] says: That covers it
[Stephen] says: can Bran roll Insight to see if Orin’s lying?
[Stephen] says: he… wants to be sure
[DM] says: yep
Bran rolls 8for a Insight skill check and gets 11.
[Stephen] says: bwah
Carric says “Bran, were you at the temple when it was attacked?”
Bran hangs his head a little bit. “Yes”
Orin rolls 18for a Deception skill check and gets 17.
[Orin] says: oops sorry
[Orin] says: :)
Carric says “were you the only survivor?”
Bran says “No, there were many people there and only some were killed. Oghma’s temple in Neverwinter has an extensive library, and is known for being a place of knowledge. I think that’s why the cultists targeted it.”"
Carric Looks nervous. “I’m sorry to hear that you lost so many friends”
Audubon walks over to Father Denes and begins gesturing.
Father Denes gestures back to Audubon
Bran says “We were there to guard the temple. My… companions died noblely in the service of Torm. There was also a priest of Oghma killed during the attack.”
Audubon makes a sweeping gesture with one arm, indicating the group at the table.
Carric says “That is a tragedy. No priest deserves that fate”
Father Denes looks over towards the tables and makes a shooing motion to the children. “You are all excused. Make sure you’re chores are finished before you play”
The kids stand up and file from the room
Audubon nods, bows, and returns to the table.
Bran says “What were you and the Father waving about over there?”
Audubon looks around at the group. “I will come with you.”
Father Denes says “If this is your first time in Waterdeep, you may also want to see some of our fair city and do some shopping.”
Bran is taken aback by Audubon’s vocal…ness.
Bran says “Well, I for one always enjoy some company, especially from a noble warrior such as yurself.”
Bran says “Is everyone ok if Audubon and I join you?”
Audubon snorts quietly and waves one hand dismissively.
Orin says “sounds like we were meant to run into you if you ask me, I for one would be glad to have you join us”
Bran says “Alrighty, then it sounds to me like we’ve got a pretty solid plan of action. You said you think the Blackstaff would be a better bet?”
Orin says “Well better mages mean better results, if they’ll help us anyway”
Father Denes says “Alard knows his way around the city and can guide you to Blackstaff Tower, or wherever else you may wish to go.”
Orin says “Thank you Father, Alard I’m sure you’re going to be a fantastic guide”
Alard says “Hmph”
Alard says “Ready?”
Audubon nods and stands.
Bran says “Yes, I am anxious for answers”
Alard says “Blacktstaff Tower? It’s a ways. Can you keep up or should I walk slow?”
Audubon gives Alard a light cuff.
Alard looks abashed, but slightly more respectful
Alard leads the party out the front of the temple and out into the street
Alard says “Anywhere else you want to go, or anything youwant to buy?”
Alard eyes Carrics pouch where the Voluge is, then shakes his head almost imperceptibly, and looks away
Bran says “I don’t need to buy anything. Just want to find out more about the orb.”
Audubon follows Alard out.
Alard heads off down the street, occasionaly checking thay you’re keeping up
Bran follows eagerly
[DM] says: Waterdeep is several times the size of Neverwinter, since the eruption, so anyone who grew up there would be suitably impressed
[Dustin] says: kicks Alard to make him walk faster
Halla raises her hood as soon as they step outside.
Orin Walks looking around at the wonders of waterdeep
Audubon gives a sidelong glance at Halla as they walk down the street.
Alard gives a running commentary as he leads
Waterdeep is named for its outstanding natural deep water harbor, and the city that grew up at this site became the commercial crossroads of the northern Realms. More than 100,000 people make their home in Waterdeep. The city sprawls northward from the sea, spreading along the flanks of Mount Waterdeep, which used to be home to the Melairkyn, a mithral-mining dwarven clan,9 and the entire length and great depth of the mountain is riddled with passages and tunnels, most of which are occupied by deadly creatures whose presence in the mountain pre-dates the founding of the city itself.
[DM] says: The front door to the Blackstaff Tower is open to the public
[DM] says: it’s tucked back among the trees at the base of Mount Waterdeep
[Stephen] says: ooo pretty
[DM] says: The snow must be from some novice’s spell gone wrong….
[DM] says: (I didn’t make that one)
Alard says “Alright, Here’s Blackstaff Tower. You want I should wait out here?”
Orin says “Should we knock or just head on in?”
Orin says “Alard if you don’t mind, I’d hate to get lost so quickly, we won’t be too long.”
Alard sits on the steps and whittles
[Stephen] says: is there a door?
[DM] says: yes, but it’s open
Bran cautiously enters the tower.
[Orin] says: oh i thought you meant “open to the public” as in not barred and shuttered
Bran says “Hello? My name is Bran, and I come seeking aid.”
As you enter the tower, you see a sumptuous receiving hall, brightly lit by magical torches~
Halla moves 10’.
Audubon moves 10’.
A man sits near a large chair on the dias looking bored until you come in.
Audubon sits down next to Alard and watches him whittle.
Valius Dageor says “Greeting! What brings you to the Blackstaff?”
Bran says “We bear an artifact, of some not-insignificant power, and wish to restore it.”
Valius Dageor says “Oooh, I love artifacts. May I see it?”
Valius Dageor moves 20’.
Valius Dageor moves closr to the group
Bran says “Who are you?”
Valius Dageor says "Oh. my, yes. I am Valius Dageor, sixth level wizard of the Blackstaff. "
Valius Dageor whispers “Today was my day on greeter duty”
Halla moves a bit away from the group, around the wall, keeping an eye on things. She wasn’t a brute, but she had a few tricks up her sleeve if this man turned out to be a charlatan. He was not to be trusted no matter who he was.
[Stephen] says: is that like…. level six in an order, or he has 6 character levels?
[Dustin] says: It’s a ranking. They go up to….8, I think?
[Stephen] says: cool
Audubon walks over to a nearby tree, pulls out his kukri, chops off a branch, returns to the steps, and begins to whittle as well.
Bran says “Carric?”
Carric says “We have found this orb”
Carric removes the orb from his pouch
Orin says “Hello Valius, I am Orin a….beginner in the arcane arts, and this is Carric, he’s going to turn the lights off now, please don’t be alarmed”
Carric says “It seems a little broken”
As the orb leaves the pouch, the lights go out
Carric Replaces the orb in the pouch
[Orin] says: oont oont oont oont
[Orin] says: best shot at rave music sorry
[Dustin] says: mutters something about getting lucky
[Stephen] says: boots and cats and boots and cats
Valius Dageor says “That will make it hard to inspect”
[Reed] says: Lol impressive rave music
Bran says “Wasn’t there another thing you mentioned it did, Carric?”
Carric carefully places the orb on the floor
Carric says “It also has a way with magic”
[DM] says: it’s back in the pouch?
[Reed] says: oh sorry – does it only turn the lights off if someone is touching it?
[DM] says: anytime it leaves the pouch, but Carric put it back in the pouch , and put the pouch on the floor, I believe
[Reed] says: can he look at it if i hand him the pouch?
[Dustin] says: He’s gonna run off with it.
Valius Dageor walks around the circle in the center of the room, chanting, then makes a gesture. A slightly shimmering wall rises from the circle to the ceiling
Valius Dageor steps into the circle. “An anti-magic circle. We should be able to inspect it in here”
Carric picks up the pouch and moves into the circle
As valius walks into the circle you see several items hanging about his person get duller and stop glowing
Carric Slowly removes the orb again and holds it up for all to see
Valius Dageor inspects the orb closely, without touching it. The mechanism inside has stopped ticking
[Dustin] says: And, several days journey away, in Thundertree, Mt Hotenow erupts again…
Valius Dageor continues to look over the artifact, his eyes getting wider and wider
[Dustin] says: Because we fools removed what little protection magic remained ;)
Valius Dageor says “Do you know what this is? How did you come by it?”
Carric says “We discovered it in Thundertree. Do you recognize it?”
Valius Dageor gets a look of understanding. “Ah, that would make sense. Tell me, did you find it in Arkalis’ tower perhaps?”
Carric says “I believe so. The tower was a bit overshadowed by the dragon…”
Valius Dageor says “Well it’s definitely not the kind of thing we should be inspecting in the open.”
Valius Dageor looks around suspiciously
Carric Quickly stashes the orb back into his bag & looks around
Halla moves closer to the circle, but stays just outside, unwilling to give up her magic even for curiosity’s sake.
Valius Dageor steps outside the circle and makes a gesture, banishing it.
Valius Dageor says “Let me call an apprentice to watch the door, and we can retire to my workshop…?”
Valius Dageor makes another gesture, and a young wizard comes down the stairs
Valius Dageor starts to head up the steps, “If you could follow me?”
Carric looks back at his friends, shrugs, and follows
Orin says “so we should wait here?”
Valius Dageor says “You all may come if you like”
Orin says “be glad to know what that orb is all about”
Orin follows behind Carric
[Dustin] says: Why does a wizard need 2 quivers of arrows?
[Stephen] says: wands?
[DM] says: chopsticks
[Stephen] says: yeah they’re wands
[Dustin] says: (I’m acutally like, 95% sure that was an Eberron artificer)
[Stephen] says: or… incense
[DM] says: Is Halla coming?
[Rosi] says: yes, sorry
[Rosi] says: cat emergency
[DM] says: no problemo. Hate those…
Valius Dageor leads you up the stairs, into a workshop
Valius Dageor traces a circle around the table and raises the shimmering wall again
Valius Dageor says “That’s better. This room is proof agains all manner of spying”
[DM] says: see the white circle on the table? thats the anti-magic field
Carric places the orb on the table
Carric drops Cracked Orb.
Valius Dageor says “So this is the Voluge…”
Bran says “Who would be spying on us?”
Valius Dageor says “With an artifact of this power, I wouldn’t even know where to start”
Bran says “What can you tell us about it?”
Valius Dageor says “Many organizations would do just about anythng to get it”
Carric says “So what does it do on a good day, when it isn’t just making things dark?”
Valius Dageor says “Hmmm, let’s see. I believe it was created about 400 years ago by the Wizard Hatorr”
Valius Dageor says “It can store more magical energy a thousand mages, then the energy can be released into whatever spell the wizard pleases, making the spell immensly stronger”
Valius Dageor says “I’m guessing that Arkalis had been storing energy in it, the intended to use that energy in a spell to save the world from the eruption of Mt Hotenow”
Orin eyes the “wonky orb” with a little more respect
Bran says “But he failed”
Valius Dageor says “But somehow the Voluge was damaged, the energy released, and the effects were what we see in Thundertree now”
Bran says “What broke it? Can we fix it?”
Carric says “And would fixing it reverse the effects in Thurdertree?”
Bran is getting a little anxious about just how powerful the orb is
Valius Dageor says “Who else knows you have this? You and anyone else who knows about it may be in grave danger if the wrong people learn about it”
[Dustin] says: Just a piece of advice from the guy you left downstairs: He’s probably the wrong sort of people.
[DM] says: HE?
[DM] says: Valius or Audubon?
Carric Starts to eye the wizard nervously
[Dustin] says: Valius.
[Dustin] says: Never trust a wizard.
Carric says “So do you believe we can restore this orb? You still haven’t answered our questions”
Valius Dageor says “Evenmore specifically, if the Watchful order finds out about this, they’ll confiscate it.”
Valius Dageor Looks at Carric
Valius Dageor says “Hmm, I may be able to fix it given enough time. But you’d have to leave it with me for a while”
Bran says “I don’t think we can do that Valius. We don’t know if we can trust you”
Valius Dageor says “Fair enough I guess. The only person I know of who would really understand this is Therys Wrymshade, but he may be a little hard to see”
Bran says “And why’s that?”
Valius Dageor says “He’s being held captive in the Silent Tower for causing the recent problems with the void…”
Valius Dageor says “I assume you’ve noticed them?”
Bran says “Void?”
Valius Dageor says “The void between worlds. Someone has been opening the void recently for some reason, causing all manner of problems and letting unspeakable abberations into our world”
Orin says “And Therys is responsible?”
[DM] says: anyone recognizing this, or did I plagarize from an obscure enough book?
[Stephen] says: haha
[Rosi] says: sounds like doctor who to me. :P
[Stephen] says: its not familiar to me
Valius Dageor says “Well, he was arrested for it, and placed in an anti-magic prison, yet the problems continue, so who can tell?”
[Dustin] says: I don’t recognize this. Which upsets me. I need to read more.
[Orin] says: unless you’re talking about a buffy book i’m out
Bran says “I think we have encountered some of these aberrations. What makes you think he’d be able to help us?”
Valius Dageor says “He’s one of the smartest and most skilled wizards around, so he may have his methods of working even in the Silent Tower. He has studied the Voluge, even visiting Arkalis to see it in person”
[DM] says: It’s only loosely based, but I’ll tell you which book when the campaign’s over if anyones interested. It’s one of my faves
[Dustin] says: Oooh, I can’t remember the name. The one where she time-hopped, and angelus was evil again, and they made a base in the hospital with the holy water sprinklers.
Bran says “I see. So that’s who we need to talk to. I notice you didn’t say he caused the problems, only that he was arrested for it. Is he not guilty of the crime?”
Valius Dageor says “He’s in prison, yet the problems continue. I don’t know what to think”
Valius Dageor says “I didn’t know him personally, but he is known by reputation to all the Blackstaffs”
Carric says “You believe that he has the skill to help us. Do you believe that he would be willing?”
Valius Dageor chuckles a bit. “This would be right up his alley. He loves tinkering, and I know he’s interested in the Voluge”
Bran says “What kind of reputation does he have?”
[Orin] says: gatekeeper trilogy….had to go look it up or i was going to go insane
Valius Dageor looks at the Voluge sittong on the table, reaches for it, then stops himself. “If I may? I think I can at least stop the darkness”
Carric says “We would appreciate that”
Valius Dageor says “Therys? Hes know to be the quintessential genius, scatterbrained and with little regard for the implications of his research. But i’ve not heard of him being evil…”"
Valius Dageor fiddles with the gears of the Voluge a bit and moves a few pieces inside. “There”
Valius Dageor waves his hand and the anti-magic field drops
Valius Dageor grins sheepishly. “I jammed it. A sharp blow however may start it going again, so be careful”
Carric Retrieves the orb and places it back in his pouch
Bran says “Can you tell us anything more about the strange stuff going on?”
Carric takes Cracked Orb.
Valius Dageor says “That’s about all We know. Void tears, abberations, feelings of unreality….yep, that it”
Bran says “Feelings of unreality”
Bran says “So I wasn’t dreaming when that happened.”
Bran says “Does anyone else know what I’m talking about?”
[Dustin] says: Dude, I’m not even here, bro
[Stephen] says: i know, but 3 others are :)
Valius Dageor looks at Bran. “No it took us a while to realize that we weren’t each feeling it individually. But when we did, the Grand Masters recognized it as the Void impinging on our plane of existence”
Bran says “What is the void, exactly?”
Valius Dageor says “Nothing”
Bran says “…okay.”
Valius Dageor says “Honestly. It’s the nothingness between worlds. Thats what causes the feelings”
Carric says “Can you tell us more about this Silent Tower where Therys is being held?”
Valius Dageor says “The aberrations appear to be coming from the worlds on the other end of the portals through the void.”
Valius Dageor says “The Silent Tower is a large tower, clothed in anti magic spells, and covered with the Seal of the Dead God”
Valius Dageor says “No magic at all should be possible within it’s walls”
Orin says “will bringing in the voluge damage it?”
Valius Dageor looks at Orin with a start. “Oh, I don’t know. I certainly wouldn’t try it, though”"
Bran says “So, we need to fix this orb, and the best guy for the job is locked up in a wizard prison.”
Bran says “Bad stuff’s happening around us, and the finger of blame is currently pointed at our repairman…”"
Bran says “Sounds like we need to speak to this Therys Wyrmshade.”
Valius Dageor says “Don’t forget, there are many people who would kill you in an instant to get it, too”
Valius Dageor grins. “Better you than me”
Bran says “Is there anyone in particular we should know about who’s after this device?”
Valius Dageor says “I don’t know of any in particular…except…hmmm”
Valius Dageor says “I heard of a raid on a temple in Neverwinter recently. I guess it could be related”
Valius Dageor says “My personal recommendation? Lock the thing up and write off Thundertree. The fond a nice hole to crawl in to.”
Orin says “We’re not writing off Thundertree, we’re going to restore it to the wonder it once was”
Bran says “I was there. That’s why I’m here.”
Valius Dageor says “I’m sorry. I heard about the outcome”
Valius Dageor says “but not what they were looking for”
Valius Dageor says “Any other questions? I’m sorry I couldn’t help you more.”
Bran says “You’ve helped more than I ever hoped. I’m all out of questions. How about you guys?”
Orin says “I think we have the information we need, thank you Valius, we’d appreciate it if you kept this information to yourself”
Carric says “Yes, thank you for your help”
Valius Dageor says “Likewise I’m sure. If anyone finds out you’ve spoken to me…. Damn, I should have thought of that before…”
Valius Dageor says “Ah well, be careful, please?”
Bran says “Don’t worry, Valius. No one has to know you helped us.”"
Valius Dageor leads the party down the stairs
Valius Dageor says “Take care. I’ve the feeling I’ll be hearing about you all , one way or the other.”
Bran says “Thank you again, Valius. Farewell”
Valius Dageor heads over to the steps and relieves the apprentice
Audubon stands up, sets down a carved replica of Blackstaff Tower, and nods at Bran.
Bran says “Audubon, my friend, we have learned much.”
Bran says “Alard, do you mind going… over there… for a few minutes?”
Alard says “Hmmm? Oh.. ok”
Alard wanders off around the tower
Bran quietly fills in Audubon on everything we learned.
Alard writes his name on the wall of the tower with his stick
Audubon cuffs Alard again.
[Stephen] says: from 30 ft away. impressive
Alard says “Huhn? How’d you do that from over there?”
[Dustin] says: Monk skills ;)
Alard looks impressed and even more respectful
Bran says “If I may ask, Audubon, why did you stay out here?”
Audubon shrugs, glancing around.
Alard looks over at Audubon, then erases his name from the wall
Bran says “Mysterious as always. Ok, group, what do we do next?”
Alard yells “CAN I COME BACK YET?”
Bran says "laughs. “YES ALARD, IT’S OK TO COME BACK NOW”"
Alard runs back over
Alard says “Now where to?”
Bran says “What do you guys think?”
Carric says “so … we need to break our repairman out of an anti-magical prison…”
Carric says “sounds like fun”
Bran says “Whoa there, turbo, maybe we should see if we cang get him out legitimately first?”
Carric says “well,that sounds fun too”
Audubon points at Bran and nods.
Orin says “if we do go in there we’ll need to figure out somewhere safe to put the you know what”
[DM] says: “Excuse me, can Therys come out and play?”
Orin looks over at Alard"
[Stephen] says: guys, we really need him to fix this doomsday device
[Stephen] says: is it ok if he comes with us
Bran says “Alard, where’s the Silent Tower?”
Alard says “Um, Silent Tower? Is that the magical prison East of Waterdeep?”
Bran says “Most likely, yes.”
Alard says “That’s a couple days walk towards Amphail”
Orin says “we should probably look for a map, I don’t know if Father Denes would like us taking off with one of his wards without consulting him”
Bran says “Ok, so we’ll be in for a bit of a trip then. Maybe we should do anything we need in the city before heading out?”
Alard says “Really? You want me to take you there? Are you on a quest?”
Bran laughs again. “Sorry, Alard, you won’t be coming with us. Although I bet we’d be hard-pressed to find a better city guide.” He winks at Alard.
Alard says “Phew. That sounded dangerous. Back to the Temple then, or are you going to stay at the Golden Goose?”
Bran says “Well I believe we’d also like to find a mapmaker. Is there anything else we should pick up?”
Alard starts leading you back towards the North Ward
[DM] says: you looking for a good map, OK map, or cheap map?
Orin says “Lunch? wizard talk makes me hungry”
Alard says “you looking for a good map, OK map, or cheap map?”
[Dustin] says: Having grown up here, I probably know how to get there.
Audubon moves 10’.
Bran moves 10’.
Halla moves 20’.
Orin moves 20’.
Carric moves 30’.
Alard moves 10’.
Alard says “this is the Golden goose. Father Denes always reccomends this to travelers. I you mention him I think they’ll give you a discount”
Bran says “I don’t know about my compantions, but the temple will serve as suitable lodging for me.”
Alard says “I can run errands to get your supplies, or I can take you to the shops, whichever you like”
[Stephen] says: errand boy!!
Alard says “looks slightly disappointed”
[DM] says: oops
Audubon nods slightly and rests a hand on Alard’s shoulder.
Alard says “Well, they have a decent lunch here, too”
Alard moves 40’.
Orin says “ah lunch! now we’re talking, and thank you Alard this looks like a good place to stay the night”
Alard leads the group into the inn
Belia exits the kitchen and glances at the party. “I’ll be right with ya”
Belia says “Two groups? What can I get you, for starters?”
Alard Looks expectantly at everyone
Orin says “Lunch, ale whatever the special is as long as it’s notshrimp puffs”
[DM] says: lol
[DM] says: Aaaand……
[DM] says: cut
[DM] says: Let’s leave it here and pick it back up next week



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