Session 11 - Thundertree to Cragmaw Castle

Orin whistles softly whittling on a piece of wood from the tower, minding his own business

[DM] says: Last week:

[DM] says: the party discovered a group from the Cult of the Dragon (GLORY!) and toasted them, literally.

[DM] says: they saved the leader and used him as a snack offering for a small green dragon.

[Dustin] says: I may have had a slight mental breakdown. I spent the second half of the night cackling madly to myself.

[DM] says: after some haggling they gave the dragon info about the cult, and convinced him to leave Thundertree

[DM] says: and not eat any of the party

[DM] says: That sum it up?

[Dustin] says: That was a very important part of my negotiations.

[Orin] says: we end up feeding a lot of creatures

[Dustin] says: Oh, I turned down the opportunity to shake handclaws with the dragon.

[Dustin] says: It’s not important, unless he comes back and eats me for the slight.

[DM] says: Orin had noticed a “magical pressure” in the tower and was attempting to find the source

[Orin] says: there was magic pressing down on me, where did we end with that, i told the group i believe

[Orin] says: yeah that

[Dustin] says: I rolled a 1, so I just figured it was my bowels after facing down a dragon.

Orin moves 25’.

Orin says “it feels like it’s coming from here”

[Dustin] says: Did I find anything worthwhile in the room?

Carric moves 30’.

[DM] says: —>Dustin – old rotted magic supplies

[Dustin] says: super worthwhile!

[DM] says: Orin, perception check?

Carric rolls 15for a Perception skill check and gets 20.

Orin rolls 19for a Perception skill check and gets 22.

[DM] says: You see a slight crack that could be the door of a secret compartment in the stone under the stairs

[Orin] says: is there a handle or anything?

[DM] says: no obvious handle or markings

[DM] says: meant to look like just plain stone

Orin slides his fingers into the crack and pulls up on the stone

[DM] says: The lid moves a bit, then sticks

Orin feels inside for a latch

Orin says “found something, might be stuck though”

[Dustin] says: I’ll assist

Kairon moves 5’.

[Reed] says: can i make a dexterity check to see if i can open it?

Randall moves 20’.

Player [Torin] has joined the Game.

[DM] says: Torin!

Randall moves 20’.

[Dustin] says: Orin 2.0!

Orin examines a slit on one side of the stone

Orin says “something here, not a hand hold though”

[DM] says: what’ll you try next?

Player [Torin] has left the Game.

Player [Torin] has joined the Game.

[Orin] says: i got lost inthe lag or something, am i back?

[Dustin] says: Same

[Dustin] says: Can I use a climbing piton as a prybar?

[DM] says: lag when someone connects

[DM] says: sure

[DM] says: the slit is about 1/16" on the top right corner of the door, like the door just started to open, and then stuck

[DM] says: and is now a bit ill-fitting

[DM] says: Torin? You here?

Carric says “i have a crowbar, think that could help?”

[Torin] says: here i am!

Orin lets go of the stone, watching what happens with the slit

[Torin] says: sorry i’m so late folks, had a bunch of technical issues

[DM] says: you’re here now, that’s what counts ;-)

[Dustin] says: Well, let this be a lesson to you. You owe me 50 laps around the town.

Torin moves 20’.

Torin moves 20’.

[DM] says: the door closes and the seam is almost indetectable

Torin moves 30’.

Torin moves 40’.

Carric says “i’ve opened a few locked doors in my day”

Torin moves 20’.

Torin moves 30’.

Torin moves 25’.

Torin moves 20’.

[DM] says: lol

[Torin] says: 49 to go

[DM] says: rain check on the laps, I think

[Torin] says: what’d i miss?

[DM] says: unfortunately your rogue is nowhere to be found, so you might have to improvise

Orin steps back, “give it a go, I’m going to look around the room for a release catch”

Carric gets out his thieve’s tools and starts to work

[DM] says: Orin sensed that the “magical pressure” was coming from under the stairs, and found what seems to be a hidden compartment.

[Torin] says: ooo

[DM] says: oh, and the rogue is missing

Carric slips his lockpick in and lifts a latch

[DM] says: click

[DM] says: the door opens

Carric says “here we go— piece of cake”

[DM] says: inside you see a brass orb, broken so that youcan see an internal mechanism~

[DM] says: it clicks softly

Orin says “well sure i could have done that had i had the proper technicalities”

Orin says “oh good, you found a clock”

Torin moves 10’.

Player [Loggerbot] has joined the Game.

[Orin] says: that loggerbot player always shows up when something bad is about to happen, he’s horrible luck

[DM] says: lol

[Torin] says: i was going to say the same

[DM] says: I have no idea what you’re talking about

Orin says “anyone ever seen anything like it?”

[Dustin] says: Loggerbot is his version of randomly rolling a die just to make players sweat

[Orin] says: before the broken clock kills us all i have to put the laundry in the dryer, 1 minute

[DM] says: dead people dont need clean laundry

[Dustin] says: According to my mother, that’s when you need it most

> /roll d20

Judge [DM] rolls a d20 for a 2.

Torin says ""Is this the object that the druid spoke of?""

[DM] says: everyone else who is magic can start to feel the magical “pressure” when the door opened

[Dustin] says: yay! a perfect time for puckering

Orin says “this is definitely what i was feeling”

Torin says ""Oh yes, this is almost definitely the… whatever the druid told us about.""

Orin rolls 10for a Perception skill check and gets 13.

[Torin] says: oh hey, when did i get inspiration?

[Dustin] says: I’m touch it

[DM] says: At the beginning, for your interrogation of Favric

[Torin] says: yay! see guys, bards CAN be useful!

[Orin] says: so / is a perception roll

[Dustin] says: You’re a bard? ewwww

[Orin] says: and the map is disappearing, i knew you shouldn’t have touched it

[Dustin] says: Should I be worried that everything is going black?

[Reed] says: haha

[DM] says: everything goes dark when you touch it

[Torin] says: who turned the lights off

[DM] says: did you pick it up or just touch it?

[Dustin] says: Well, obviously the only possible solution is to now pick it up

[DM] says: as soon as you pick it up everything goes silent also

[Dustin] says: I’ll throw it at the ground as hard as I can

[Orin] says: …..

[DM] says: magic users can feel a sense of draining, esp Kairon

[Dustin] says: There’s no way that can go poorly for me

[DM] says: the “pressure” is still there but the draining is gone

[Dustin] says: No damage?

[DM] says: nothing apparent

Orin says "what in the abyss was that!?! "

[Orin] says: sorry my only dnd “swears” comes from dragonlance

[DM] says: arcana and/or history checks?

[DM] says: lol

Kairon hmmms, reaches down, and rests on finger lightly on the sphere.

Torin rolls 14for a History skill check and gets 16.

Orin rolls 10for a History skill check and gets 12.

Kairon rolls 7for a Arcana skill check and gets 9.

Torin rolls 5for a Arcana skill check and gets 9.

[Orin] says: any modifier since it’s in thundertree?

[DM] says: nope, sorry

[Orin] says: worth a shot

[DM] says: Kairon still touching it?

[Dustin] says: yep

[Orin] says: is it still clicking?

[DM] says: yes

[DM] says: softly, and not quite regularly

Orin says “you’re making it angry”

[DM] says: nobody recognizes it

Kairon stands up, releasing the orb

[Torin] says: i want to cast dancing lights to see if light works

[Torin] says: or maybe not, if the darkness just went away

Carric says “think we could take this back to town?…without touching it?”

[DM] says: go for it

Kairon says “That’s a 2 day journey. I doubt we could.”

[Orin] says: how big is it?

Halla snorts loudly. Foolish men.

[DM] says: about 4"

[DM] says: looks bigger so you could see it

Kairon removes his cloak, and drops it over the orb.

[Torin] says: fool of a took!

[DM] says: some of the pressure goes away

Kairon rests his hand on the cloak

[DM] says: you feel it clicking

Kairon says “well, maybe we could, at that.”

Orin says “well that’s how we get it to Reidoth, assuming it doesn’t explode”

Orin says “Halla, if you have any feminine wisdom to share we’d all be glad to have it”

[DM] says: something like that, just RP it

[DM] says: er NVM

Halla says coldly, “Far be it for me to get in the way. Though since you ask, I’d put it in a bag.”

[Dustin] says: She speaks!

Carric says “I say we take this thing back to town. See if anybody else recognizes it…or wants to buy it. Looks expensive”

Kairon says “Bag would be good. I’d like to be able to wear my cloak.”

Orin says "Reidoth will be glad to find it and he’ll need to know what happened with the dragon, here use this redbrand cloak I don’t need it "

Carric wraps the item in the cloak & picks it up

Orin says “so back to Phandalin? I need to do something before we head out”

Orin moves 70’.

Carric says “lead the way Orin”

[Torin] says: is there anything else interesing in the tower?

Orin moves 20’.

[Torin] says: or in the cabinet the device came from?

[DM] says: that was the only thing in the compartment

[DM] says: everything else looks too far gone to be useful

[Torin] says: okie doke

Torin moves 90’.

[DM] says: if you want to search~

[Torin] says: nah, the bard doesn’t care enough to search

[DM] says: you MIGHT be able to find a few readable pages in the books, but it will take a while, and it’s getting dark

[Dustin] says: Sure enough

Carric moves 30’.

Carric moves 50’.

Orin uses a few tables and some wood to secure the doorways to this building

Carric moves 35’.

Torin says “what is this building, Orin?”

Kairon moves 25’.

Orin says “this….this was my parents business….and home from what I can tell. I don’t have any memories of it aside from what they’ve told me but this is my home. I want to keep it safe for when I come back to rebuild it”

Kairon moves 85’.

Orin moves 15’.

Torin says “You still need to share that story with me. Another time, maybe”

Carric moves 20’.

Torin helps Orin

Orin picks up the remains of the rawr bush and throws it outside as well

Torin wonders aloud “Now, if that device was the cause of the rawr bushes, and we are taking the device with us… Does that mean we’ll find rawr bushes everywhere we go?”

Kairon moves 50’.

Torin says “Hopefully we damaged it enough that the magic is no longer in effect”

Halla moves 40’.

Orin says “we need to go, it’s almost dark and the ash zombies will be out before too long”

Halla moves 40’.

Torin moves 30’.

Halla moves 20’.

[Dustin] says: This was the herbalists shop, right?

[DM] says: yes

Orin moves 15’.

[Dustin] says: I’m gonna dig around for that necklace

Carric moves 20’.

[DM] says: you remember where whassername said they were?

Halla moves 35’.

Orin says “Karion hurry up we need to get out of here soon”

[DM] says: it was*

[Dustin] says: Under the shelf?

[DM] says: ok, you easily sopt a set of collapsed shelves

[DM] says: digging under them you find the necklace

[Dustin] says: woohoo!

Kairon moves 40’.

Halla moves 50’.

[DM] says: It’s a gold necklace with a fine emerald pendant

Orin moves 80’.

Carric moves 35’.

[DM] says: whats the plan?

Kairon moves 35’.

Torin moves 70’.

[Orin] says: fingers crossed i didn’t just walk through some hell fire trap or something

Carric moves 45’.

Kairon moves 50’.

Halla moves 35’.

Halla moves 55’.

[Dustin] says: Druid man still in his house?

[DM] says: you see smoke from the chimney

[Torin] says: didnt he squirrel out?

[Orin] says: head back to phandalin? he said the one place was close by i think right?

Reidoth opens the door

[Orin] says: oh i guess he’s back

Orin moves 50’.

Reidoth says “I forgot my staff, and now it’s too dark to travel.”

Torin moves 45’.

Carric moves 35’.

Kairon says “Must be a common problem for squirrels.”

Reidoth says “yes, the staff is a bit bigger than my squirrel form…”

Halla moves 25’.

Reidoth says “that’s what I get for running off in a hurry”

Reidoth says “Come on in, it’s getting dark. I can make some stew”

Kairon moves 15’.

Reidoth moves 10’.

Orin moves 15’.

[DM] says: who’s carrying the orb?

[Reed] says: me

[DM] says: go ahead and grab it

Carric moves 15’.

[DM] says: “p” to pick it up

Torin moves 25’.

Reidoth says “Where are the rest of your friends?”

Halla moves 15’.

Halla moves 5’.

Orin says “the burglar must not have found anything worth stealing and took off, he’ll probably show up sometime”

Reidoth says “Ah, there you are. Any luck out there?”

Reidoth bustles around the room, preparing stew

Kairon says “The Dragon decided to relocate.”

Reidoth raises and eyebrow. “Impressive”

Carric takes Cracked Orb.

Reidoth passes around bowls of stew.

Halla murmurs a quiet thanks.

[DM] says: as Reidoth nears Carric, he pauses and looks sharply at him

Carric says “thank you Reidoth”

Reidoth says “You’ve acquired something new. I can feel its power”

Orin utters a thanks as he digs into his stew

Carric says “maybe you can help us. What can you tell us about this?”

Carric unwraps orb

Reidoth ’s eyes widen

Reidoth says “hmmmm”

Reidoth says “Has anyone cast any magic since you found it?”

Halla shakes her head quickly.

Kairon glances around

Carric says “no, we discovered it in the tower a few moments ago”

Torin says “Would that be bad?”

Reidoth makes a small gesture and a small orb of light appears in front of him

[DM] says: as you watch, the light is sucked into the orb~

Torin says “Whoa!”

[DM] says: And then appears to dribble out the cracks, seeping into the ground

Orin says “yes it eats light, that much we already knew”

Orin says “the dribbling bit is new though”

[DM] says: leaving a sickly and disturbing glow on the tile floor

Torin casts his own dancing lights, and 3 small orbs appear near the device, each of the primary colors

[DM] says: the lights are pulled into the orb

Torin says “That’s fantastic!”

[DM] says: and drip out the bottom, definitely changed for the worse

Kairon grins and casts firebolt at the orb.

Reidoth says “Ah, I see”

Torin says “Oh, maybe not so fantastic. I should probably not do that”

Torin moves 5’.

[DM] says: The firebolt is drawn into the orb~

[DM] says: and fire pours from the cracks, seeping across the floor, obviously headed directly for everyone’s feet

[DM] says: dex check everyone

Kairon rolls 16for a Dexterity check and gets 18.

[Torin] says: sorcerers and their fire…

Reidoth rolls 6for a Dexterity Save skill check and gets 6.

Torin rolls 12for a Dexterity Save skill check and gets 16.

Orin says “i’d aim an arrow at it but as we can all see it clearly…..what the!”

> /roll d4

Judge [DM] rolls a d4 for a 2.

Judge [DM] hurts Reidoth for 2 damage.

Orin rolls 8for a Dexterity check and gets 11.

[DM] says: everyone who rolled <10>

Carric rolls 2for a Dexterity Save skill check and gets 4.

[DM] says: you can roll your own damage. (aren’t I nice?)

[DM] says: Halla?

Player [Reed] rolls a d4 for a 3.

[Rosi] says: I’m trying to find the menu again. :P

Judge [DM] hurts Carric for 3 damage.

[Dustin] says: press E while your character is selected

Player [Reed] has left the Game.

[DM] says: right click, skills

Halla rolls 10for a Dexterity check and gets 11.

Player [Reed] has joined the Game.

[DM] says: so everyone but Carric manages to dance about and avoid the fire

[Reed] says: glad i rolled higher for dmg than dex Lol

[Orin] says: 3 damage and i’m out of he…..nm

[DM] says: Wild magic roll for kairon, pls

Orin says “so let’s not cast anymore spells into the magic melter shall we?”

Player [Dustin] rolls a d20 for a 12.

[DM] says: nothing

Carric says “agreed — next time we’re throwing fire at this thing, someone else can hold it!”

Orin says “so what is this thing anyway Reidoth?”

Reidoth says “I think I see what happened. This is a Voluge. It is meant to store magical power~”

Torin says “Store? Looks liek it’s not doing a very good job of that…”"

Reidoth says “Something must have happened when Arkalis cast his spell trying to protect Thundertree from the volcano”

Reidoth says “The Voluge broke, drew in the power, and leaked it back out into the town”

Carric says “do you think there is a way to repair it?”

Reidoth says “That would finally explain why the ash zombies shoed up”

Kairon says “This looks like a fun toy. I’d like to keep it.”

Orin says “how can we end that spell?”

Reidoth says "I have only heard of these, and would have no idea how to repair it. But my guess is that it would need to be repaired to remove the “curse” from Thundertree"

Reidoth says “Do any of you know if any high level wizards? I don’t get out much.”

Kairon says “I don’t. Gundren might though.”

Orin says “Sildar might have someone in the cloaks of the alliance that could help”

Reidoth says “Where was it?”

Kairon says “In the Dragon’s lair.”

Reidoth says “Yes, Akalis’ tower, but where?”

Kairon says “There was a secret room underneath.”

Orin says “under the stairs”

Reidoth says “Ah…Well very good job indeed finding it. There is hope for Thundertree yet!”

Reidoth says “and with that I must get some sleep and be off early in the morning.”

Orin says “I’ll take first watch, get some sleep everyone”

[DM] says: Time for a 10 minute break methinks. I need a refill

[DM] says: smoke ’em if you got ’em

[Orin] says: sounds good

[Dustin] says: Wonder what happens if I cast burning hands at the orb…

[DM] says: fwoosh

Judge [DM] heals Kairon, Orin, Halla, Torin, Carric to maximum.

Kairon rests.

Orin rests.

Halla rests.

Torin rests.

Carric rests.

Selected Creature(s) have rested.

[DM] says: everyone back yet?

[Rosi] says: os yep

[Rosi] says: bah

[Torin] says: present

[Rosi] says: yep

[Reed] says: i’m here

[Dustin] says: I’m afk

[DM] says: everyone feels well refreshed

[DM] says: the sun rises and the birds tweet

[DM] says: #morningtime

Orin says “guess Reidoth really did need to be off early”

Kairon grumbles and stands up.

Orin says “any stew left over?”

Kairon rolls 18for a Athletics skill check and gets 19.

[DM] says: you guys cleaned out the pot

[DM] says: you’re stuck with your trail rations, or whatever you “brought”

Halla rummages around, looking for something resembling coffee.

[DM] says: I’m not a stickler for the small stuff so feel free to “have brought” whatever you like, within reason

Orin pulls out a plate of eggs and bacon……in his mind, which is actually some beef jerky and a sip of water

[DM] says: I’d be wary of that tupperware full of shrimp though

[DM] says: is Kairon doing Tai-Chi?

Halla reveals the last of her coffee beans from her pack, and sets about fixing it for the entire group. She passes it out with a grunt of greeting.

[DM] says: if so, he’s very good at it

[Dustin] says: Kairon is mumbling something about needed another hour of sleep

Orin says “OK so what do we think, head back to Phandalin and see if Sildar is in town? Otherwise we’ll need to go to Neverwinter”

[Orin] says: i think that’s where he said he was going?

Kairon grumbles agreement and takes a swig of coffee.

[DM] says: yes, thats where he was going.

[DM] says: but he was coming right back to keep looking for Gundren, and it’s been 3 days

[Orin] says: we can probably meet up with him and let him know where cragmaw castle is

Player [Rosi] has left the Game.

[DM] says: uh oh

Player [Rosi] has joined the Game.

[DM] says: Yay!

[DM] says: That’s for Kairon

Player [Rosi] has left the Game.

Kairon takes Gold Necklace.

[DM] says: oh noes again

[DM] says: we were doing so well

[Dustin] says: Rosi smacks me if I take off my pants

Player [Rosi] has joined the Game.

[DM] says: that needs to go on OOCDNDQ

Player [Rosi] has left the Game.

[Dustin] says: on what now?

[DM] says: might need to do it anyway

[Torin] says: out of context dnd quotes

[DM] says: Don’t look at it now, though, you’ll lose HOURS: http://outofcontextdnd.tumblr.com/

[Torin] says: there was a fantastic post of those on reddit today

Player [Rosi] has joined the Game.

[DM] says: yay

[DM] says: you back?

[DM] says: guess not

[Torin] says: wheny ou first log in it takes aqhile for everything to load

[Torin] says: awhile

[DM] says: while we wait, did you guys decide on a plan?

[Dustin] says: Return and look for Sildar seems to be it.

[Dustin] says: We’re not exactly big on “thinking ahead”, as evidenced by the dragon

[Torin] says: who’s sildar?

[DM] says: might as well have that convo in character, it’s relevant

[DM] says: Torin wouldn’t know him

Orin says “our employers escort, they were both ambushed on the way to phandalin, we found Sildar, still looking for Gundren”

Torin says “While Halla is.. slipping in and out of consciousness… would the rest of you mind filling me in? Who are Sildar and Gundar?”

Torin rolls 13for a Will save and gets 13.

[Torin] says: whoops, slow on that one

Torin says “And Gundren is the employer?”

Orin says “Good enough fellow, kind of serious all the time…..one of his good friends is missing so it makes sense. Yeah that’s the one”

Player [Rosi] has left the Game.

Torin says "Where were they coming from?

Orin says “Neverwinter to Phandalin, taking supplies and such. Gundren had a map of something, that seems to be the reason he was taken to cragmaw castle”

Player [Rosi] has joined the Game.

Torin says “Where’s the castle?”

[DM] says: oh, I know that one!

[DM] says: There, castle!

[Dustin] says: There tree

[DM] says: sorry, couldn’t help myself

[Rosi] says: test?

[DM] says: yay!!!

[Dustin] says: B-

[DM] says: you’re back

[Rosi] says: glares at dustin

[DM] says: I’ll try harder, prof

[DM] says: oh

[Dustin] says: ….before the curve….

[Dustin] says: so….A+

[DM] says: B- on the test?

[Dustin] says: 110%

[Torin] says: that’s a strange curve

[DM] says: I thought you were grading my pop culture reference

[DM] says: So off to Phandalin…

[DM] says: Any specific path?

[Rosi] says: that way!

[Torin] says: cue traveling montage

[Torin] says: the high road or the…low road?

[Dustin] says: Which way did we come?

[Rosi] says: the low road is faster. :D

[DM] says: skirted the woods

[Rosi] says: brb, need to get my inhaler

[Torin] says: faster, more familiar, no ambushes… i’m liking the low road

[Dustin] says: Sounds boring…

[DM] says: You travel along the edge of the woods ~

[Rosi] says: back

[DM] says: after a full day of trekking, you start to look for a place to camp for the night, and a bit of smoke rising into the air over the next hill

[DM] says: *spot

[DM] says: missing a verb there

[Torin] says: over the next spot

[DM] says: looks like a campfire

Torin says “Friends on the horizon!”

Orin says “you know goblins have campfires too right?”

> /roll d20

Judge [DM] rolls a d20 for a 13.

Torin says “Who says goblins can’t be friends?”

> /roll d8

Judge [DM] rolls a d8 for a 3.

Orin says "their bugbear slave drivers, we should check it out, you guys wait here "

[Orin] says: i think i’m the most stealthy anyway right?

Carric rolls 3for a Persuasion skill check and gets 6.

[Reed] says: oops

[DM] says: stealth check

Orin rolls 18for a Stealth skill check and gets 21.

Carric rolls 6for a Stealth skill check and gets 8.

[DM] says: Hey! Where’d Orin go?

[Orin] says: yep totally the most stealthy

[DM] says: Is Carric going along?

Kairon rolls 16for a Stealth skill check and gets 18.

Torin rolls 16for a Stealth skill check and gets 20.

[DM] says: Everyone is going?

[Orin] says: technically you just said stealth check, not anyone in particular, then i acted all braggy about being stealthy

[DM] says: You all move silently to the top of the hill, except Carric who gets a branch stuck to his leg and has to shake it noisily off

[DM] says: You see a campfire, with a single person sitting near it. He is looking in your direction

[DM] says: It’s Sildar

[Rosi] says: oh were we all rolling stealth?

Sildar Hallwinter waves

Torin whispers to Orin “Do you know this mans?”

[Torin] says: how did that s get in there

Orin walks down the hill “Well met Sildar”

[DM] says: Well, technicallt Orin said “You guys wait here” so I thought he was going alone ;-)

Player [Rosi] rolls a d12+1 for a 9.

[DM] says: Rosi runs noisily up behind everyone

[Rosi] says: hehe

[Orin] says: i was, then they all followed like my baby ducks, Carric in particular my loud stomping baby duck :)

[Torin] says: i definitely read everything orin said /nods fervently

Sildar Hallwinter says “I got back to Phandalin, and Toblen said you’d headed this way”

Orin says “Just returning from Thundertree, we found out where Cragmaw castle is”

Sildar Hallwinter says “Wow, great. You all are efficient!”

Orin says "Points towards Carric “Oh and also we found this, show him Carric”"

Carric unwraps the orb

Sildar Hallwinter peers at it and reaches out to grab it

Kairon grins. “You should see what it does.” casts fireball

[Dustin] says: firebolt, rather

Orin rolls 5for a Dexterity check and gets 8.

Carric says “touching it isn’t a great idea…neither is throwing fireballs at it”

[DM] says: same as last time, except the floor isn’t stone, so the grass is on fire

[Dustin] says: I like this orb

Kairon rolls 2for a Dexterity check and gets 4.

Player [Dustin] rolls a d4 for a 2.

Player [Orin] rolls a d4 for a 4.

Carric rolls 16for a Dexterity Save skill check and gets 18.

Halla rolls 20for a Dexterity check and gets 21.

Judge [DM] hurts Kairon for 2 damage.

Torin rolls 2for a Dexterity Save skill check and gets 6.

Judge [DM] hurts Orin for 2 damage.

Orin says “son of a!”

Judge [DM] hurts Orin for 2 damage.

[Torin] says: geez

Torin yells “WICKED TIEFLING!”

[DM] says: Troin, d4

[DM] says: Er, Torin

Player [Torin] rolls a d4 for a 2.

Judge [DM] hurts Torin for 2 damage.

Orin sets an arrow in the fire and lights the end of it, “let’s not do that anymore ok?”

[DM] says: anyone trying to put out the grass fire?

Orin stomps the grass with his boot

[DM] says: Slowly but surely Orin manages to stamp out the flames

Sildar Hallwinter says “That was crazy! But anyway, we should head to Cragmaw Castle first thing in the morning.”

Sildar Hallwinter looks askance at Kairon

Kairon sits there with a manic grin on his face.

Orin says "do you know of a mage that might be able to repair it? it’s what has caused all the trouble in thundertree

Sildar Hallwinter rolls 15for a Perception skill check and gets 17.

Player [Dustin] rolls a d20 for a 15.

[DM] says: nada

[DM] says: Anyone interested in the forest, or should we do the sleep/travel montage and get to Cragmaw?

[Dustin] says: I like forests

[Dustin] says: But whatever

[Torin] says: forests are cool

[Torin] says: where is the castle from where we are?

[DM] says: East and a little south

[DM] says: another day travel

[Torin] says: so cutting through the forest would be a shortcut?

[DM] says: Oh yeah

[DM] says: I updated the map on OP

[DM] says: I put a marker for the Castle

[Torin] says: haha that’s a fantastic marker

[DM] says: better?

[Torin] says: definitely yes

[DM] says: First thing in the morning, Sildar wakes everyone up

[Orin] says: i don’t see it but it’s over there

[DM] says: You on Obsidian Portal?

Sildar Hallwinter says “Rise and shine, let’s get on the road. They’re called trail rations because you eat them while walking on the trail…”

[DM] says: Did everyone see the forest pic?

Torin says “Sildar, wouldn’t it be easier to go through the forest?”

Kairon mumbles something about morning poeple and coffee.

[Orin] says: yeah

Sildar Hallwinter says “Well, that’s what I meant. The person in front can make the trail…”

[DM] says: Who’s leading?

Orin says “come on baby ducks ;)”

Torin says “Lead the way sir!”

Orin pulls out his greatsword to clear any brush

[DM] says: You enter the forest and find it pretty tough going

[DM] says: but after passing several trails headed scross your path, you find one going approximately the right direction

[DM] says: and the going gets easier

[Orin] says: as long as i don’t have to cut down anything i’ll change out to my bow again

[DM] says: the trail doesn’t show any signs of usage other than animals at first

[DM] says: but as the day wears on, you start seeing small footprints occasinally

[DM] says: Orin, perception check please?

Orin rolls 7for a Perception skill check and gets 10.

[Torin] says: the air thickens with tension…

[DM] says: As you come around a bend you come face to face with a single goblin scout

[XX Entering initiative. Only top creature in the CreatureBar may move. XX]

[XX Round 1 begins. XX]

Player [Orin] rolls a d20+3 for a 15.

Player [Dustin] rolls a d20+2 for a 8.

Player [Reed] rolls a d20+2 for a 18.

[Loggerbot] says: We’ll try this one without a map, so describe where you move

[Loggerbot] says: Halla and Torin?

Player [Torin] rolls a d20+2 for a 9.

[Loggerbot] says: 3

[Loggerbot] says: 2

[Loggerbot] says: 1

Carric is next up in initiative.

[DM] says: Halla rolled a 14

[Reed] says: i’ll shoot at him with my crossbow

[DM] says: sou you all are in line behind Orin when he stops suddenly

Player [Reed] rolls a d20+2 for a 6.

[DM] says: you can use the attacks if you want

[DM] says: just no need to move minis

[Reed] says: should i use the attack or let that roll stand?

[DM] says: just use the attack, it’ll be easier

Carric vs. AC rolls 17; hits Goblin Fighter with Light Crossbow (80/320) for 7 damage (d8+2 piercing).

Goblin Fighter is staggered.

[XX Dropping out of initiative. Free movement. XX]

[DM] says: That was quick

[Torin] says: i need better init rolls

[DM] says: The goblin drops to the ground with a crossbow bolt in its chest

Orin scans the trail for more goblins

[Torin] says: i’m never fast enough to charm before someone almost kills them

[Dustin] says: I had my awesome one last week

[Torin] says: haha yeah

[DM] says: The goblin gives a last halting breath and expires

Judge [DM] hurts Goblin Fighter for 1 damage.

Goblin Fighter drops.

1 Creature removed from Initiative order.

[DM] says: Keep going?

[Orin] says: yeah

[DM] says: You keep heading down the trail, which is showing increasing signs of use and around late afternoon, you spy a castle through the trees

Torin says “What exactly are we going to find in this castle, friends?”

Torin moves 20’.

Halla moves 10’.

Orin says “adventure? hopefully Gundren too”

Kairon says “Hopefully our dear friend and employer. Who owes us money.”

[DM] says: You’re not actually on the steps

[DM] says: still down the trail, but this is what you see

[Dustin] says: I see a Goblin in the black

[Dustin] says: His name is Ruxt

Ruxt moves 5’.

[DM] says: oops

[Dustin] says: he cast invisibility

[DM] says: a tiny corner was out of the FOW, so he showed up

[DM] says: YOU DIDN"T SEE THAT waves hands


[Torin] says: WHERE?

[DM] says: perception check from everyone pls

Kairon rolls 6for a Perception skill check and gets 6.

Torin rolls 17for a Perception skill check and gets 17.

Carric rolls 16for a Perception skill check and gets 21.

Orin rolls 6for a Perception skill check and gets 9.

[Torin] says: technically that should be an 18 from me

[Torin] says: if that makes a difference

Torin whispers “That sounds like a lot of goblins in there”

Torin whispers “Sildar, is that what ambushed you and Gundren?”

Carric says “sounds like some trouble ahead”

Sildar Hallwinter says “Yeah, it was goblins”

Orin says “they’re like rats on a ship once they see trouble they’ll start scrambling for cover”

Torin says “So as soon as they see you”

Torin says “Cuz you.. look like.. trouble”

[DM] says: anyone with a military background?

[DM] says: characters?

[DM] says: I’ll take that as a no

[Orin] says: deckhand for a time but no millitary

[DM] says: you do notice that it looks like the trees have been cleared around the castle

[DM] says: what now?

[Reed] says: can i hide & sneak in the castle?

[DM] says: you are more than welcome to try

Judge [DM] heals Sildar Hallwinter to maximum.

[Reed] says: any other ideas?

[DM] says: stealth check if you want to do that

[Torin] says: i’ve never invaded a castle before

[Dustin] says: I open a rift to the elemental plane and suck the castle in?

[DM] says: i doubt it

[Torin] says: and gundren with it?

[DM] says: ;-)

[Torin] says: sounds right

[Dustin] says: If only we had a wheelbarrow, that would be something….

Player [Reed] rolls a d20+4 for a 16.

[DM] says: It’s over the monk

[DM] says: but here’s a holocaust cloak (not really)

[Torin] says: i’m sad about how long it took for me to get that

Torin says “Where’s a professional burglar when you need one…”

[DM] says: as you are standing indecisive, an arrow flies out of one of the arrow slits above the entrance~

[DM] says: and strikes a rabbit at the edge of the clearing

[Dustin] says: ooh, dinner

[Torin] says: fufu!!

[DM] says: a goblin runs out of the door, grabs the rabbit and retreats inside

[DM] says: and obviously bops it on the head

[Dustin] says: He stole my dinner!

[Orin] says: cliffhanger?

Kairon charges after the goblin.

[Torin] says: :(

[DM] says: A you climb the steps you hear yells from both arrow slits

[XX Entering initiative. Only top creature in the CreatureBar may move. XX]

[XX Round 1 begins. XX]

Player [Dustin] rolls a d20+2 for a 13.

Player [Torin] rolls a d20+2 for a 19.

Player [Reed] rolls a d20+2 for a 21.

Player [Orin] rolls a d20+3 for a 23.

Orin is next up in initiative.

[DM] says: SO everyone else is back on the trail, Kairon is on the steps

[DM] says: that’ll do for tonight



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